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The Forgotten Temple

*Party is currently located in the Temple of Tharizdun*

The Temple was built in a previous age, a secret place of worship to Tharizdun. He of Eternal Darkness.  It drew the most wicked persons to it, and the cult flourished for generations, sending out it's minions from time to time to enact some horrible deed upon the lands around.  However, a great battle eventually took place between Thariszdun and those opposed to his evil.  Unable to destroy him, they were strong enough to overcome his power and imprison him somewhere, by means none have ever been able to discover.  Thus Tharizdun disappeared from the face of the earth, and from all of the other known planes, and has not been seen again since.

After a time his servants returned again to the temple, deserted as it was of any manifestation of their deity.  Amongst these wicked folk were many powerful magic users and clerics.  All sought with the upmost endeavor to discern what had happened to Tharizdun, so that he could be freed and returned to rule over them once again.  All attempts were in vain, although the divinations and seekings did reveal to these servants of eternal darkness, that a black cyst existed below the temple.  They spent many centuries trying to unlock the mystery of the black cyst, but in the end failed, and the temple was deserted and forgotten.

While seeking the Witch of Perrenland, the party discoved a sheltered valley amidst the rugged peaks in the eastern Yatil Mountains.  This peaceful, wooded depression proved to be home to numerous gnomes.  Taking advantage of the respite such a haven offerede, all of them elected to establish friendly relations with these doughty demi-humans, accept their hospitality, and enjoy the comforts of Gnome Vale.  In addition to their hospitality, cautious though it may have been at times, the gnomes have provided aid of various sorts an have proved skillful in trade as well.  Both sides have benefited by the relationship, although all of them concur that their group owes these good folk much for their friendliness in this harsh and hostile mountain range.

Because of the special relationship which has developed between their group and the gnomes, their scarred old lord, Gwaylar, had invited them to a feast in his granite hall.  There, after much eating and quafting of gnomish and elven drinks, the laird took the party back, and told them of the troubles with evil priests of Tharizdun.

The party traveling to the mountains in which this temple lies, will discover it's location, and get caught up in the mistery themselves. 

Played on  Sunday nights at 9 PM est



Maylin Silverleaf, Pixie Rogue/Sorceress (DM)

Grenel Lasher, Gnome Fighter/Wizard/Spell Sword

Arabella Zarian, Mermaid Bard

Lowkey Firestarter, Human Cleric

Teyve, Human Ranger

Sithus, Human Fighter/Sorcerer/Rogue

Gavlin Rockduster, Dwarf Fighter

Vincent, Grey Elf Wizard/Fighter

Elrand, Elf  Fighter

Cuthlion, Human Fighter

Zarine Tizana, Human Sorcerer

Seth, Human Fighter/Sorcerer



Strikar Zarian, Human Rogue

Merle Fireseeker, Human Cleric/Sorcerer/FlameSteward


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