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The guilds of greyhawk are all designed to protect and further the social and economic interests of their membership.  While not all of the Free City's Guilds have been granted or have been abme to maintain a monopoly on the services and crafts they provide, they can nevertheless present a united front to any form of competition and have a recognized degree of political influence with the Directing Oligarchy.

On the first days of Fireseek, Planting, Reaping, and Patchwall, the Grand Council of Greyhawk Guilds meets at City Hall.  All the city's Guildmasters are required to attend (and must send deputies should they be unable to do so).  This meeting is used to discuss petitions and legistlation before the DIrecting Oligarchy that may affect the trade opr business of one or more of the Free City's guilds, and allegedly serves the purpose of granting those city guilds not directly represented in the Directing Oligarchy a say in the city's government.


Apothecaries and Herbalists Guild

Architects and Stonemasons Guild

Assassins Guild

Barbers and Dentists Guild

Blacksmiths, Armorers, Shieldmakers, and Ironworks Guild; Federation of Smiths of Pragmatic Metals and Alloys; and Guild of Weaponsmiths

Butchers Guild

Cartographers Guild

Clothworkers Guild

Couriers Guild

Carpenters Guild

Dockers and Warfmens Guild

Embalmers and Gravediggers Guild

Jewelers and Gemcutters Guild

Laborers Union

Lamplighters Guild

Lawyers and Scribes Guild

Leatherworkers, Tanners, Smiths, and Stablers Guild

Mercenaries Guild

Merchants Guild

Mintworkers Guild

Moneychangers and Pawnbrokers Union

Nightwatchmens Guild

Ostlers and Brewers Guild

Performing Artistes Guild

Sages and Academics Guild

Sewermen and Streetcleaners Guild

Thieves Guild

Translators Guild

Bakers and Cooks Guild

The Guild of Wizardry

The Guild of Apothecaries and Herbalists

Not every citizen can afford priestly healing, and the Guild of Apothecaries and Herbalists holds the licence to practice chirurgery, conoct herbal remedies, and mix a wide variety of drugs.  The present membership totals 140, of which 86 are apothecaries and 54 herbalists.  Generally regarded as cranks and frauds by the upper echelons of Greyhawk society, most of the guild members derive their income from the sale of love philters and wart removing cream to the denizens of the Old City.

The guild of Apothecaries and Herbalists is known to purchase rare herbs from adventurers.  Because many of it's concoctions contain a bewildering array of bizarre ingredients the guild can be a useful source of spell components for those who, for whatever reasons, would rather not obtain them from the guild of wizardry.

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The Guild of Architects and Stonemasons

Located in the Artisans' Quarter, this guild draws out plans for future city growth and designs and builds buildings within the city, as well as buildings for surrounding cities. The guildhall is a massive and beautiful square arch that straddles Smith Road. Two square pillars support eight thick wooden beams spanning the street, on which the long third floor of this structure rests. The first two floors are in the pillars. A mazelike museum housing detailed scale models of some of the guild's greatest works is in the western leg of the structure, with examples of true arches, pivoting stone doors, and so on. The guild's founders worked on Greyhawk's Grand Citadel, the Lord Mayor's Place, Grey College, the Guildhall of Performing Artistes, and other structures during the reign of Zagig Yragerne; they created the guild itself after his disappearence.

The east leg of the structure holds a storeroom of rare tools, a library of architectural drawings, and a drafting room. The second floors hold meeting rooms, and the third floor holds a bar and dining hall, meeting rooms, and a ballroom in the center, over the road. The guildmaster is Goros Redpate dm F3, who says very little but has great powers of observation.

Membership Fee: 25 gp per year.

Member Count: 78

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The Guild of Assassins

The Assassins' Guildhall looks like an old, ill-kept boarding house. It even has a bad-tempered innkeeper and guests, though rooms are never available except to a few. The locals call it "that old place" but have no specific term for it. There is a general sense of uneasiness felt by many about the building, generated by whispered rumors that certain "bad people" live there who are very dangerous to anger.

This is the secret headquarters of the Guild of Assassins. The public imagination has this guild filled with hundreds of cutthroats, mass murderers, madmen, and worse. Every death in Greyhawk is suspected by someone, somewhere as being the result of a hired killing. Greyhawk's notorious thief-operated government has only encouraged the spread of such rumors. Interestingly, though the majority of citizens believe murder-for-pay is rampant, they do not feel particularly threatened themselves. Staying out of other people's business and not doing anything to fatally anger others are common practices, and few believe they could possibly be the target of an assassination, even if they think everyone else might be.

The Guild of Assassins is a very old institution, dating back centuries to the hiring of mercenaries (by Greyhawk's rulers) to slay the leaders of a humanoid army that unsuccessfully attacked Greyhawk. It recently achieved great power under Turin Deathstalker, a supremely talented guildmaster who was both an excellent leader and a skilled member of the Directing Oligarchy. Turin is also a dangerous killer with literally hundreds of killings to his credit, most of them humanoids. When Turin left Greyhawk in 582 CY to fight Iuz in the Shield Lands, his position as guildmaster was taken over by Vesparian "Vesper" Lafanel. Vesper is a grey elf with black-dyed hair. He appears in public to be a conservative noble and is known to be one of the Directing Oligarchs with mercantile interests. It is also generally believed he has darker ties, but no one dares name him as the assassins' guildmaster. He is a superb administrator, though compulsive about record-keeping. He is not sociable and doesn't drink. He is a cold-blooded psychopath with a veneer of reason and respectability. His past is unknown.

Membership Fee: None, and it is uncertain how persons become members of this guild. It is believed that it is accomplished by notority, then careful screening, then tests for loyalties, and then possibly extensive background checks.

Member Count: Truly unknown.

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The Guild of Bakers and Cooks

The guild of Bakers and COoks takes great pride in maintaining the Free City's reputation as the gastronomic capital of the known world.  The flow of the trade through the Free City ensures that guild members always hae access to the best and rarest of Oerth's produce, and it is not unknown for the guild to finance expeditions in conjunction with the Merchants' and Traders' Union to seek out and secure supplies of exotic ingredients.

The master of the guild is chosen each year from the guild membership at the great grastronmic festival held at the last three days of Brewfest.  Gourmets from neighboring regions flock to the Free City and a panel of judges selects the winner in each of the categories

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The Guild of Barbers and Dentists

A guild consisting mainly of native Greyhawkers, its membership and frequently itinerant, traveling to nearby cities and towns during festival periods to ply their trade.  Members of this guild are often useful sorces of information.

The guild has a reputation for the speed at which they work-being paid by the head, the quicker they work the more they earn-and the most extreme example of this can be seen at the annual competition for the Zagig Medal.  It should be added that the membership of the guild is also extremely skillful, and cases of customers losing anything vital while being shaved or shorn are thankfully quite rare.  The skill of the present Guildmaster, Otto Dernholm, is almost legendary.  Winner of the Zagig Metal five years running, Otto plies his trade in the inns and taverns on the strip.

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United Guild of Blacksmiths, Armorers, Shieldmakers, and Ironworks; Federation of Smiths of Pragmatic Metals and Alloys; and Guild of Weaponsmiths

All three of these guilds are located within one building known as the Metalsmiths' Hall. Little actual smithywork is done here; this two-story building instead has meeting rooms, accounting files, a small alchemical laboratory for assaying ore, guildmaster offices, and displays showing off the finest work of these guilds.

The first floor has the offices of the United Guild of Blacksmiths, Armorers, Shieldmakers, and Ironworks (often known as just the "Blacksmiths' Guild"). The second floor is for both the Federation of Smiths of Pragmatic Metals and Alloys (the "Coppersmiths' Guild," which handles nonferrous alloys like bronze, pewter, and brass, and metals like tin, lead, and copper) and the Guild of Weaponsmiths. Despite their ferocious conflicts a few years ago, the guilds get along reasonably well now, as calls for their services do not much overlap. The Blacksmiths' guildmaster is Jaskar Smithson hm ; the guildmaster of the coppersmiths is Basher Grundig gm ; the guildmaster of the weaponsmiths is Orrin Thundercleaver dm

Membership Fee: 15 gp per year for the Guild of Blacksmiths' and Coppersmiths Guild, and 20 gp per year for the Guild of Weaponsmiths.

Member Count: 80 members of the Guild of Blacksmiths', 34 members of the Coppersmiths Guild, & 82 members of the Guild of Weaponsmiths.

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Guild of Butchers

The Guild of Butchers operates the City Slaughterhouse in the Thieves' Quarter of the city. All fresh meat in the city comes from this building. The cuts are generally good, and a wide variety of meats are butchered here(pork, beef, lamb, poultry, and horse). This structure emits no terrible odors, as one would expect, because of several minor wizard spells that change noxious odors of offal, blood, and decay into more neutral scents, then cause an updraft to carry all smells into the air above the city. The sounds of livestock being slain are similarly muffled by magical means, so the neighborhood is not greatly disturbed. A consortium of nobles owns the slaughterhouse, but there is little friction usually between the nobles and the guild, thanks to many long-standing work agreements and benefits programs.

The Guild of Butchers does look for unusual meat supplied by adventurers. Livestock to be butchered is usually brought in small groups from stockades outside the city walls along River Road. One sort of animal is butchered during the morning, and another during the afternoon.

Membership Fee: 10 gp per year.

Member Count: 21

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Guild of Carpenters

A huge, rambling wooden building three stories high marks the headquarters of the Guild of Carpenters, stretching along the southern half of Brick Lane. The building is admittedly wondrous to view for the great detail of its exterior, though it does seem overdone. The first floor is a combination of a public museum, woodworking shop, and apprentice-training classroom. The second floor has meeting rooms and a small bar, with a library of building plans and an extensive collection of different types of wood from around the Flanaess. The top floor has a dormitory for advanced apprentices as well as their workshop, with offices for the guildmaster, Paks Teros [N ½em F3; hp 12; Dex 17].

Membership Fee: 10 pg per year.

Member Count: 45 (including both apprentices and trainees)

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Guild of Cartographers

This three-story guildhall was once the home of a self-declared noble of the Foreign Quarter, Duke Garrand, but is now owned by the Guild of Cartographers after the former resident met an unfortunate demise. Easy-to-read, good quality maps of the city and Domain of Greyhawk (as well as street maps of Elmshire, Narwell, Safeton, and Hardby) can be purchased on the first floor for 10 gp each; merely peering at a map in this guild's library costs a silver noble (1 sp). Many other maps are available, or varying accuracy and price. Nautical charts and route maps for caravans are commonely sold here. The guildmaster is the aged gnome and Master Cartographer, Jawan Sumbar gm , rumored to be centuries old and familiar with the whole Flanaess and areas beyond. Though it is true he traveled to many such places, he last saw most of them a long time ago, and his memory of people and places is likely to be quite dated. Jawan and the other cartographers are very interested in any old maps that adventurers bring to them, and they will happily buy many such maps and unfamiliar books on geography.

Membership Fee: 10 gp per year.

Member Count: Between 10 & 20 members. Members come from all classes, most being retired adventurers of 0- to 13th-level.

Most distinguished member: A former human adventurer Calèthiel Durilund hm who, during the course of his adventuring career, explored and mapped many dungeons and wilderness areas for the guild. Calèthiel can spend hours offering advice to those who will lend an ear, and has quite a collection of tales, some tall and farfetched, others truthful and helpful for the sharp-eared listener. He now spends most of his time assisting Jawan when necessary, but can often be found out on the town schmoozing with the upper-class in places like the Gold Dragon Inn or Silver Dragon Inn.

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Guild of Clothworkers

This small guild is made up of the city's weavers, tailors, seamstresses, dyers, curtain makers, yarn-spiners, hatters, and so forth. It is a fairly new guild, formed in the later 580s. Members of this guild and their shops are scattered all across the Artisans' and Foreign Quarters; they have no guildmaster, instead being governed by an elected committee with a representative from each trade in this all-encompassing group. Young women convicted of minor crimes are often sent to work with reputable clothworkers, but they are worked hard for long hours at no pay.

Membership Fee: 5 gp per year.

Member Count: Currently 22.

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Union of Couriers and Messengers

A new guild, begun only two years ago to put some of the many children in the Old City to work instead of having them run free and commit crimes. (At least, that was the reasoning at the time.) This guild is run by a former street child, now 24, named Christa hf.Christa trains young children to carry small packages and messages for customers within a few blocks' distance in the city, for which they receive free food, board, and a few coppers a month spending money from the guild. The temple of Pelor thinks this operation is marvelous (as so few others will feed or care for children) but fears for the safety of the youngsters. Some minor clerics of Pelor accompany the children on their rounds and spoil them a bit.

Membership Fee: None

Member Count: About 70 children and 15 adults, give or take a few.

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Dockers' and Wharfmen's Union

Little information is known about this small union of dockhands and shipmen. The guildhall is a two-story building located at the east end of the Dockway in the Wharves (Quarter) on the Selintan River. This spot is considered politically dangerous, as the union is lately tied to smuggling and other criminal activity though it stays clear of involvement with Thieves' Guild. The guildmaster is Screel Dorfman [NE hm F3; hp 14; Int 17], eldest son of the previous master (murdered in 588 CY).

Membership Fee: 5 gp per year.

Member Count: Unknown, estimated to be between 60 and 75 members of varying race and class, most being fighters, but there are a few independent thieves as well.

Most distinguished member: This unofficial "title" belongs to Mardoche ,half-ogre m captain of the notorious smuggling ship Ghost Galleon which makes frequent visits to the cities of Blue and Highport. Mardoche is an imposing character who thrives on intimidation tactics. He rarely attends meetings of the Union, but when he does, his voice is heard more often than others. The crew he commands numbers 300+ and are all-around loyal (save for the very rare and short-lived mutinies and complaints). Mardoche has been known to sail as far south as the Pirate Isles in the Pearl Sea.

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Embalmers' and Gravediggers' Guild

Without question, the most successful half-orc in the city is Selczek Gobayuik . Now quite old (45) but in good health, Gobayuik is the guildmaster of the Embalmers' and Gravediggers' Guild. Hideously ugly and always dressed in black, he is quite wealthy and keeps his money invested in various enterprises with the Union of Moneychangers and Pawnbrokers. He has no known friends, and other guildmembers follow his directives only because they fear him. They also hope he will include them in his will. Gobayuik hates good clerics because they are bad for his business (they heal and resurrect people). Various jokes about the guildmaster, most involving improper romantic involvments with the undead, have been circulating in the city for decades.

The guild maintains civic cemetaries in the city and purchases land to set up new plots. Because of the city overcrowding, the guild is about to buy a large tract of land east of the city along Ery Trail for a future burial ground. The guild has a monopoly on the (legal) disposal of corpses in the city, and only a certificate proving the death and burial of a citizen, issued by the guild to the Inspector of Taxes, Glodreddi Bakkanin, will remove that citizen from the census and guild rolls; otherwise, the deceased's family members must pay the deceased's taxes. Because of this, every relative of a dead person wants the deceased to be certified by the guild and buried. The guild works with all legal religions in Greyhawk to organize funerals, mourning ceremonies, and so forth, though the churches almost universally despise the half-orc.

Membership Fee: 20 gp per year.

Member Count: 43

Notable NPCs: The Dark One -hm is what they call him, for no one knows his true name and, for reasons unknown, divination spells have revealed little or no information about him. He rarely speaks, and is by all appearances ugly and menacing. Some members within the guild insist that The Dark One is actually an intelligent form of undead and thus fear him greatly. Even Gobayuik has some fear of him. The Dark One's plans are uncertain at this time, and he never causes trouble within the guild, so the other members don't particularly care what he is up to, just as long as he doesn't start bothering them.

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Jewelers' & Gemcutters' Guild

Located in Clerkburg, the Guild of Jewelers and Gemcutters has an ornate but fortresslike guildhall containing several vaults holding vast wealth in cut and uncut gems. The guild prides itself on its defenses, which are believed to be extremely good. Magical and mechanical traps and alarms are known to be in use here, tested on a random basis by trustworthy adventurers hired by the guild. The guild also prides itself on the expense of its furnishings, and it is indeed one of the gaudiest and most overdecorated places in the city. The guild makes a huge profit on the gems and jewelry it exports.

The old guildmaster retired several years ago and was replaced by his daughter, Gerda Haollardel. Now 34, Gerda is popular despite the fact that she doesn't take advice from anyone; her business sense is good, if conservative. Like her father once was, Gerda is a member of the Directing Oligarchy.

Membership Fee: 20 gp per year.

Member Count: Between 35 and 45 gemcutters and jewelers with shops around Greyhawk City.

Most distinguished member: Tundar Stoneshaper, a dwarven gemcutter with a shop located in the Artisans' Quarter. Tundar is a typical dwarf: grumpy. But he is dedicated to his talents at shaping gems into works of art. Tundar is known for his no-tolerance policies on pretty much everything. He has no sense of humor and never smiles. Date joined: 438 CY.

Gerda's father, Bodmi, is a close friend of Nerof Gasgal and Org Nenshen. The Thieves' Guild had an understanding with this guild that it not break in and steal its goods, in return for which Bodmi provided details on some guildmembers' shops, which were then robbed. This worked well until a jeweler and his family were murdered during a robbery in the Artisans' Quarter in 589 CY, and the City Watch found a map of the shop on the thief it arrested later. Anguished, Bodmi retired abruptly, though he was not implicated in the robbery, and his daughter was quickly elected.

This did not end the intrigue between the two guilds. The old system continues of supplying information on guildmembers' shops to the thieves. Additionally, Gerda and Dernen have quietly begun to redirect some shipments of cut gems to agents of the Thieves' Guild, giving the appearence that the gems were lost to highway bandits or other problems. If this came to light, it would cause enormous conflict in the Guild of Jewelers and Gemcutters, destroy its reputation, and bring the City Watch in with both feet.

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Union of Laborers

The Union of Laborers is the largest guild, with over 4,300 members who are hired out for unskilled or simple labor, such as street repair, whitewashing, digging, carrying freight, and so forth. Many members are hired by Greyhawk's other guilds and even by private individuals (usually merchants) for short-term day jobs when more skilled guildmembers don't have the time. The guildmaster is the muscular Wergi Dael of Hardby hf , who has been active in the labor and guild politics for years.

Membership Fee: None, members are hired off the street to work for them.

Member Count: Over 4,300.

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The Lamplighters' Guild

The Lamplighters' Guild is primarily responsible for the illumination of the city's streets by night.  The Directorship funds the lighting of the city's main throughfares and the more important civic buildings, while the residents of individual streets and alleys pay the appropriate fee should they require the lamplighters' services.  Illumination can vary from a few guttering torches or lanterns in the river quarter, ot magestic stained glass globes lit with continual light spells in the High and Garden Quarters.

The Lamplighters's Guild has established a monopoly over it's area of business in the Free City, and the more elderly guild members are employed in the manufacture of candles, lanterns, and all manner of practical and decroative illumination devices.  The excess from this enterprise is sold to traders throughout the city, and the Greyhawk Lamplighters' Guild is byword for quality illumination through out the neighboring lands.  

The Lamplighters' Guild has established close ties with the Nightwatchmen's Guild.  Both take to the city streets at dusk, and the NIghtwatchmen keep a close eye on the Lamplighters' property (the guild removes all illumination devices at dawn).  In return for escorting the lamplighters when htey are collecting their lighting fees, the Nightwatchmen are provided with lanterns and Torches for their patrols.

The guild has no hall, but rather maintains depots in each of the city's quarters (with the exception of the slum Quarter where the Guildmembers do not venture).  The Guildmaster, Stendal Bhaksi, is normally to be found at his office in the High Quarter depot.

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The Guild of Lawyers and Scribes

The Guild of Lawyers and Scribes is the most powerful of all the guilds and unions within the Free City, and it's members go to great lengths to maintain this position.  The lawyers perform all judicial and legal functions within the city (senior lawyers within the guild are appointed as magistrates by the Directorship), while the scribes fill all the positions within the extended bureaucracy that translates the Directorship's rulings into action.

The Guild of Lawyers and Scribes further maintains its monoply position through the exclusive use of the otherwise almost extinct Suloise language in all their proceedings.  Unless a defendant speaks and understands Suloise, it would be impossible for him to defend himself within a court of law, and city legal records are similarly incomprehensible.

Guildmaster Sir Anton Palirian is a member of the Directing Oligarchy and the city's foremost authority on legal affairs.  Although a city judge, Sir Anton rarely arbitrates in court, instead spending much of his time advising the Lord Mayor and Directing Oligarchy on legal matters.  With his long white hair and beard, pince-nez, and grandfatherly demeanor, many people naturally suppose him to be a gentle, benevolent old man with the best interests of the populance at heart.  In fact, Sir Anton is a cold, calculating and ruthless individual who fiercely defends his position at the head of the city's most powerful guild and uses his considerable influence within the city affairs and liberal interpretation of the word "treason" to further his extensive mercantile interests.

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Guild of Leatherworkers, Tanners, Smiths, and Stablers

An older guild of leatherworkers, smiths, and other professions broke apart in the late 580s. The leatherworkers and their allies (cobblers, saddle makers, and so on) retained the building that served as the guildhall. The break had been long expected; many guilds were first organized along an Oligarchy decree that grouped workers not by the exact type of work they did but by the material they used or the areas they inhabited. This clumsy arrangement unraveled after the Greyhawk Wars when trade bloomed and everyone chased after every copper coin. Though boot makters, saddle makers, and armor makers have little in common besides using leather (and often not even the same sort of leather, at that), they have made common cause together to strengthen their bargaining position with merchants who sell their goods and with the Oligarchy, which passes laws affecting business.

The guildhall has many examples of finely tooled leatherwork on display, and meeting rooms are always available for the guildmembers. A luxurious apartment at the rear of the guildhall is used by the guildmaster, Harran Fanshen hm, no relation to Constable Derider Fanshen. Harran is a popular figure, a much better administrator than he is a leatherworker. A number of the buildings near the guild are leatherworking shops of different sorts. Various spells had been cast over this area in the past to force air upward around these buildings in permanent, mild updrafts, preventing the smell of the leatherworking process from overcoming those living near this area. Adventurers may sell the hides of unusual or rare beasts here for good money.

Membership Fee: 5 gp per year.

Member Count: 37

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Guild of Mercenaries

The Guild of Mercenaries resides in a sturdy, blocklike, two-story building located in the Foreign Quarter. The Guild is open to any dues-paying persons of any nationality, race, sex, or religion who consider themselves warriors-for-hire. This loose phrase encompasses former soldiers, thugs, hunters, and adventurers of any alignment. Anyone with unusual skills (healing, magic use, scouting ability, horsemanship, and so on) is considered a "specialist"; the rest are "feet" (for "foot soldier"). Dues are 10 gp per year; a combat test is administered, and applications must demonstrate the equivalent of 1st-level fighters kills.

The guild offers several particular advantages that draw many freeswords to it. First: free drinks to members. Second: a free bunk and trunk for up to a week for new arrivals. Third: great opportunities for employment, as the guildhall is the first place many prospective patrons go when looking to hire guards, armed messangers, security specialists, private officers, bodyguards, and more. Good short-term employment can be had with caravan owners, and longer employment is often available with minor nobles, merchants, and landowners needing more sentries for their estates and homes. Adventuring groups often look for added muscle here if planning on long expiditions. Finally, the guild has many allies among the city's smiths, and weapons and armor can be repaired for members at a discount (5-20%). Unofficially, the guildhall is one of the major rumor mills of Greyhawk, which can be valuable.

Armor and peace-bonded weapons may be worn here, but fighting is strictly banned and punished severely by the guild and the City Watch, if the latter is summoned. Some members refrain from entering here if they have enemies in residence at the time. Betrayel of a patron or breaking a contract without just cause is punished by expulsion from the guild, possibly combined with a beating, loss of all wealth, and a death threat if the guilty party ever appears in Greyhawk again. A patron who unreasonably harms his hirelings can be sued for huge amounts in Greyhawk's courts by the guild, which has an excellent legal staff.

The priests of a number of warrior-based religions are members of this guild. In particular are clerics of Heironeous, Kelanen, Kord, Llerg, Mayaheine, Phaulkon, St. Cuthbert, and Trithereon, with outlawed and secret cults of Erythnul and Hextor. Religion is not discussed openly. One of the few uniformly shared opinions here is a hatred for Iuz and Turrosh Mak's Orcish Empire; many mercenaries have found good employment around Safeton, manning security and warning posts near the buffer zone. Orc and other humanoid skulls decorate the walls of the guild, including the mummified head of "King Garzon," an ogre lord of the Abbor-Alz slain with his bodyguard by mercenaries two decades ago.

Membership Fee: 10 gp per year.

Member Count: Between 150 and 200. 80% Fighter class, the rest classes of warrior-priests, thieves, and rangers.

Notable members:

Xio Gerragch hm is probably one of the most unique characters to grace the halls of the mercenaries guild. He bears the battle scars of countless battles. He is ill-tempered, ugly, and spiteful and is feared rightly so by bounties and colleaques alike. He carries a +4 two-handed sword that he won off of a death knight he defeated in combat, which atests to his tremendous strength and skill in battle.

DM's Notes: Some guildmembers are hired for unusual and secretive missions by nameless patrons, almost always for large sums of money meant to keep their mouths shut. One such hidden patron is Turin Deathstalker hm , formerly the Guildmaster of Assassins in Greyhawk. He left his adopted city to fight Iuz's invasion of his homeland, but was forced to retreat to Admundfort Island and then back to Greyhawk. He was then made Commander of the Greyhawk Militia garrison at Safeton, where he remains today. Turin looks for the most aggressive, dangerous fighters, hiring them to make raids into the orc-held Wild Coast south of Safeton. Casualties among the raiders are high, but many enjoy these violent fights and return for several missions.

A frequent visitor to the guildhall is a 35-year-old merchant from Furyondy who rents a home just west of the guildhall: Lemajen Sterrich hm . Lemajen Sterrich is generally suspected of being more than he appears, and indeed he is. He is a Knight of the Hart (Furyondy branch), and he constantly looks for able fighters and others who might wish to join his order. He is also a superb merchant with several close friends on the Directing Oligarchy (Carmen Halmaster and Dernan Nathane), and is an associate member of the Union of Merchants and Traders. Lemajen is also eager for news of any doing by servants of Iuz, whom he hates. He does not trust anyone of Baklunish descent as a result of Ket's actions during the Greyhawk Wars.

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Union of Merchants and Traders

One of the hubs around which the economic life of the city turns, the Union of Merchants and Traders is headquartered in a broad complex of buildings including a corral, a stable, a storage barn, and a guildhall. The smell from the horses, mules, and oxen stabled here is effectively neutralized by several minor wizards' spells that cover the entire area. (This makes it impossible for animals to use their olfactory senses when tracking here, however.) Freight wagons are stored here as well at the Caravan Warehouse.

The guildhall itself is a huge, three-story structure between the barn and stable. No expense was spared to give this building a grand appearance reflecting the worldly nature of this great guild. The guild is dominated by merchants who buy and sell cloth and clothing, wood and metal goods, leather items, and agricultural produce of all kinds. Shrines to Zilchus, Xerbo, Fhalanghn, and a number of other gods connected with trade or travel are present in the hall in various locations. The guildhall has meeting rooms, offices, several small libraries, an underground cargo storage area, and a barracks for hired guards.

From dawn to dusk, every day of the week, merchants throng the front courtyard showing their wares, guild representatives buy raw materials, and moneychangers and moneylenders make their rounds. Lawyers, scribes, and accountants, scribble notes and phrase documents; cartographers check maps and plot courses on land and sea. At sunset, all trading eases and accountants go to work adding total sales from the day, posting prices (used to determine taxes and tariffs for the following day) and securing profits safely away. Large cargoes are moved through the night streets to the guild to avoid crowds during the day.

Guild membership is 15 gold orbs per year for Greyhawk citizens, and 30 gp per year for foreigners who wish affiliate membership. Membership brings low-cost accounting services, guards, storage fees, and tax concessions on cargoes entering the city, as well as full use of guild facilities.

The union is currently managed by guildmaster Dernan Nathane hm , who is also on the Directing Oligarchy. Other major figures in the union who are also in the Directing Oligarchy are Carmen Halmaster hm , Cariel Mansharn hm , and Stimtrin Cannasay dm . Dernan Nathane is a skilled leader and manager who knows Greyhawk and its policies very well. Cariel Mansharn was brought into the Oligarchy after the death of another Director from the union, Ren o' the Star, during the Greyhawk Wars. He is known to be unpleasant if crossed, but very able as a troubleshooter. Stimtrin was formerly the assistant guildmaster of the union. (Cannasay's last name is actually his human nickname, given his habit of answering questions with "I canna say," before launching into a long, complex analysis of the problem.) Stimtrin is a master of bureaucratic paperwork with pronounced compulsive tendencies; he doesn't work well with other people, but he knows the union and its business inside and out. Despite his poor leadership, he is widely acknowledged as an organizational genius and an indispensable souce of guild information.

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The Mintworkers' Guild

Located in City Mint, the heavily fortified and guarded pair of buildings connected by an external corridor, is the Mintworkers' Guild. Platinum, gold, silver, and electrum coins are manufactured here. Copper commons are falling out of fashion except in the Old City (where the poor hoard them), thanks to inflation brought on by recent treasure-hunters bringing in huge amounts of coinage, new and old. Older types of low-value coins, such as iron drabs and bronze zees, are no longer made or accepted in trade; only children will pick them up if found on the ground. Coins minted here are transferred under heavy guard to the city's moneylenders and other repositories before being put into circulation.

Dwarves were once excluded from entering the Guild of Mintworkers for fera that their lust for precious metals would overcome them. However, the guild voted in 588 CY to allow dwarves in, following the retirement of three guildmasters who opposed the admission. Several dwarves now work for the guild, and no problems have developed. The guildmaster of the mintworkers is Wilyard Greathand hm , who is best described as aggressively paranoid. He rarely leaves the City Mint for any reason.

Membership Fee: Divination tests to determine alignments and loyalties, and then a 20 gp annual fee.

Member Count: About 150

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Union of Moneychangers and Pawnbrokers

One of the most powerful guilds in the city (indeed, in the central Flanaess) is also housed in the Foreign Quarter. The Union of Moneychangers and Pawnbrokers operates from this grand edifice, performing their expected functions both here and in a small pawnbroking shops across the city. In addition, this union lends money to solid borrowers but collects high rates of interest. Many people in the city hate this guild with a passion, but none deny that it powers the excellent economy of the city and keeps its businesses running. Without it, few would have the initial capital to get new buisnesses off the ground.

The guildhall has offices on the ground and second floors, with a huge ballroom/auditorium in the cellar for guild meetings. The vaults are on a level below the ballroom. This guild works most closely with the Union of Merchants and Traders, the Guild of Mintworkers (which supplies coinage), and Greyhawk's noble families. Small shrines to Zilchus are everywhere, though a few shrines are present to other known gods of money and trade, such as Xerbo.

Coinage from foreign countries is changed here for a 10% transaction fee paid to the guild. This fee falls to 5% for coinage from Dyvers or the Duchy of Urnst, but rises as high as 25% for very distant countries like Ratik or the Lordship of the Isles. The vaults here have huge reserves of cash, metal bars, and precious items, with well-trained and well-equipped sentries backed by magical alarms and traps.

The current conversion rate for Greyhawk's coinage is as follows: 500 copper commons = 50 silver nobles = 10 electrum luckies = 5 gold orbs = 1 platinum plate. For convenience in text, the designations are abbreviated as "sp," "gp," and so on. The city once used low-value iron and bronze pieces (known as "drabs" and "zees," respectively) as well, but these have fallen out of use.

Membership Fee: 10 gp per year.

Member Count: 89

Most distinguished member: No one stands out particularly.

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Guild of Nightwatchmen

The Guild of Nightwatchmen supplements the City Watch in the hours of darkness. This guild is privately funded, largely by the church of St. Cuthbert but also by private citizens, shops, guilds, or temples that feel the need for extra security at night. The Nightwatchmen (being almost completely drawn from the followers of St. Cuthbert, and checked for lawful, nonevil alignment) have a superb reputation with everyone except criminals. They can detain criminals but have no powers of arrest, and so work closely with the City Watch. The Thieves' Guild was on the verge of open war with this guild long ago, but this was averted when the Thieves' Guild changed its own routines and became far less of a threat to and target of the Nightwatchmen. Now, thieves merely try to stay out of the Nightwatchmen's way, and a lot more gets accomplished.

The smallest unit of Nightwatchmen is an escort of one guildmember and one torchbearer. A guard unit consists of two guildmembers, a torchbearer, and a darkman. A street patrol has five guildmembers, two torchbearers, a sergeant, and a darkman, with a 33% chance of a cleric of St. Cuthbert (level 2-4).

The guildmaster is 73-year-old Sir Gavin Ambus once an officer in the Greyhawk Militia and an extremely popular figure in the city. His many connections with the most powerful and lawful figures around also cause the Thieves' Guild to simply lay lower than before instead of getting into a full fight with the Nightwatchmen. Sir Ambus lives near the Temple of St. Cuthbert.

There are many Nightwatchmen's guildstations located in various positions throughout the city of Greyhawk. There is a guildsation located in the High Quarter (H12), Clerkburg (C16), the Foreign Quarter (F13), the Artisans' Quarter (A9), and the Thieves' Quarter (T7).

Clerkburg Nightwatchmen's Guildstation: The Nightwatchmen here grumble among themselves that what the wilder students need is a good beating, which probably wouldn't hurt the other students, either. These Nightwatchmen are devoted followers of St. Cuthbert and are direct in trying to "straighten out" the students. While the City Watch here bet on sports games, the Nightwatchmen preach to those they see in this area at night, and give any obnoxious student drunks a good drubbing. The large guildstation has a small, student-run chapel to St. Cuthbert inside. The Nightwatchmen rarely see crime here, but plenty of (in their opinion) immorality.

Foreign Quarter Nightwatchmen's Guildstation: This guildstation sees a lot of business in this quarter, as the foreign "residents" here rightfully do not trust each other or the city's many thieves. All of the inns, taverns, restaurants, and other public facilities here are put under constant guard at night; the Pit hires its own guards, usually thugs from the Thieves' Guild. The Mercenaries' Guildhall needs no protection, as its occupants are well able to protect themselves. Duty in Burrow Heights (F14) is considered very easy; duty anywhere near the Pit (F8) is considered tough.

River Quarter Nightwatchmen's Guildstation: This guildstation receives massive support from the Sacred Temple of St. Cuthbert to keep order at night in this riotous quarter. Given the corruption of the Watch here, the Nightwatchmen and City Watch personnel do not get along well and rarely cooperate. When a criminal gang called the Shapechangers was broken some years ago, the Nightwatchmen helped secure the warehouse next door, which had been used as a base for the magic-using murderers. The Nightwatchmen ignore all shady dealings that do not directly involve their missions of guardianship, though they will break up assaults and escort persons to places of safety, acting within reason and not endangering the places and people they are hired to protect.

Artisans' Quarter Nightwatchmen's Guildstation: The Nightwatchmen here have a lot of work to do because of the many businesses around. Their major problem lies in protecting businesses that refuse to pay protection money to the Thieves' Guild, leading to a great deal of hatred between the Nightwatchmen and the thieves. This guildstation is quite large and well fortified; the building was secretly purchased by wealthy members of St. Cuthbert's church and donated to the guild, as part of a broad effort to strengthen the forces of law and order in the city. The Nightwatchmen here have heard rumors about an increase in evil cult activity in the Old City, and they look upon themselves as the gatekeepers of the Artisans' Quarter, protecting it from influences coming through the Black Gate from the (as they see it) hopelessly corrupt Old City.

Thieves' Quarter Nightwatchmen's Guildsation: Nightwatchmen assigned to this guildstation consider it hard duty. Thieves run this quarter, and the Nightwatchmen are sworn to defend their charges against intruders, which has led to many pitched battles between thieves and followers of St. Cuthbert. Battles are not always to the death, and thieves are more likely than Nightwatchmen to break and run early, but feelings on both sides are bitter. It has been impossible to mediate any kind of settlement between the Thieves' Guild and the Nightwatchmen, as the latter are heavily supported by merchants and businesses in the area. A kind of low-level war thus goes on, day in and day out, between these two factions. This guildstation is heavily defended; it has been attacked many times in the last few decades until it is like a small fortress.

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Ostlers' and Brewers' Guild

The Ostlers' and Brewers' Guild operates the Millrose Brewery located in the Thieves' Quarter, but not all of its many members work here; a number of the city's taverns have small stills and cellar breweries. The local ale and beer brewery is an important employer in the Old City, running three shifts through the day and night. Wagons and carts full of hops, barley, and malt unload during the day, to return later to pick up kegs for shipment to the city's inns and taverns. The Millrose Brewery is a major supporter of the festivities during Brewfest every year, and about a dozen house labels are created here, each with a distinctive flavor, smell, and appearence.

Membership Fee: 10 gp per year.

Member Count: Between 260 and 275 members.

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Guild of Performing Artistes

When Zagig vanished in the last century, some said that his successor in madness was Lord Ren, a noble who received his station from the Mad Archmage himself. Lord Ren loved the arts, from acting to music to painting to everything else. He amassed a great fortune by trading ancient artwork recovered from various dungeons (by questionable means), and he had a small castle built for himself on an artificial hill. Before his death, Lord Ren willed his small castle and his entire art collection to the Guild of Performing Artistes, which was only a few years old at the time of the bequest. This catapulted the small guild into the ranks of the most powerful interest groups in the city, but its influence has been fairly subtle. The Guild of Performing Artistes includes bards, singers, jugglers, jesters, musicians, actors, acrobats, painters, sculptors, and the like. Internal politics are intense, though meaningless to outsiders.

The guildhall (sometimes called the "artists' castle") now houses a gallery with what is generally believed to be the finest collection of artwork in the Flanaess, along with a small theater, meeting rooms, classrooms, two small libraries of literary works, a dining hall, a shrine to the goddess Lirr, and living quarters for most of the guild's members. The castel actually has a small multilevel dungeon used to store costumes, props, wine, and food; some guild members even live there, enjoying the solitude.

The theater is usually used for rehearsals, but it is also used to give private preview performances of upcoming plays before they reach the Grand Theater. (Nobles and ambassadors are given the chance to pay 15 gp each for this privilege.) The art gallery is open in the afternoon, six days a week and all day on Godsday; admission is one silver piece. Because the wizard Otto (of the Circle of Eight) is known to be a patron of the guild, it is believed the gallery has extensive magical protections. Apprentices of the guild often serve guard duty in the gallery, doubling as guides and answering questions about the art and the guild. On festival days, brightly uniformed "guards" parade across the castle's battlements, and huge flags and banners fly from poles and tower tops.

Membership Fee: 20 gp and a performance to be judged. Performance requirements are different depending on the type of artist you claim you are. Bards are required to tell stories to music, singers sing, jugglers juggle, jesters tell jokes, musicians play musical selections, actors perform a brief skit, acrobats must perform graceful acrobatics, and painters and sculptors submit works. All of these performances and works are judged by a panel of usually 3 to 5 judges who have been members of the gulid for at least 5 years. They except only serious students and masters of art.

Member Count: Between 175 and 200.

Notable NPCs:

Thadius Thimblethromble dm is a respected dwarven sculptor who has been a member for almost 100 years.

Bolferus Opherum hm ; age 38 is a well-known bard who has been a member for 24 years who has traveled far and wide to tell his tales and listen to others. He has extensive knowledge on the kingdoms surrounding the domain of Greyhawk.

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Union of Sages and Academics ("Sages' Guild")

Located in an unpretentious two-story hall in the Foreign Quarter, the guild has remained a highly conservative, all-male, all-human organization, to the disgust of many in the city. The union comprises most of the male tutors of Grey College, with female and demihuman tutors operating independently. The union has no monopoly on teaching, and teachers at the University of the Flanaess and the School of Clerkship do not belong to it (and generally despise it). As unions go, this one is very loose in structure, with a new union leader elected every two years.

The union has an inflated opinion of its worth, though it is acknowledged to be a superb source of information on everything from ancient history to foreign languages, from astrology to monstrous zoology - if one can put up with the egotistical and snobbish attitudes of the sages. The library here is messy and eclectic but useful.

Membership Fee: 15 gp per year.

Member Count: 37

Most distinguised member: Everyone within the guild considers Pompetus Syllandabal hm the best gossip hunter in the city. The pleasantly plump, cheerful Pompetus can persuade just about anyone to reveal a bit of information to him. Pompetus dresses in bright and gaudy clothing which is a testament to his carefree, bright, and joyous personatlity. He loves to be seen and when he laughs his belly jiggles (much to the amusment of children).

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Union of Sewermen and Streetcleaners

The Union of Sewermen and Streetcleaners has about 500 members, about two-thirds of them apprentices. The streetcleaners pick up garbage along the street at regular intervals: High and Garden Quarters on Starday; Clerkburg on Sunday; Artisans' Quarter on Moonday; Foreign Quarter on Godsday; River Quarter on Waterday; Old City (west of the Processional) on Earthday, Old City (east of the Processional) on Freeday. Three to four garbagemen on wagons drawn by two draft horses each make the rounds, then take the waste either to Garbage Hill (from the Old City, River Quarter, and Foreign Quarter) or to Shack Town to dump it into the Selintan (from the High, Garden, and Artisans' Quarters and Clerkburg.) Garbagemen get days off not necessarily related to the regular workweek.

A special division known as the Sewer Rats consists of the toughest, dirtiest dwarves and gnomes in the city, who receive special pay for marching through the great sewers and cleaning them out (including killing any unwanted wildlife down there). Because certain powerful people don't want all of the sewers explored, the Sewer Rats are discouraged from going into certain places. There are about two dozen Sewer Rats in all, each with leather armor, picks, hammers, and hand axes. They congregate at the Barge Inn, where they stink up the place terribly. The guildmaster of streetcleaners and sewermen is a tall albino named Glayrin Mok hm , who came to Greyhawk as a child form the Wild Coast city of Elredd.

Membership Fee: 10 gp once, membership for as long as the member desires. If they quit the guild, and wish to rejoin in the future, the membership fee increases to 20 gp.

Member Count: About 500

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Thieves' Guild

The Old City Great Hall where Greyhawk's government formerly operated, is now commonly (and correctly) believed to be operated by the Thieves' Guild. The structure of the building was badly damaged by fire in Harvester 584 CY, but it was swiftly rebuilt to its grand old style. Here is where the Pact of Greyhawk was signed, though few diplomats now visit the place. The Directing Oligarchy has let it be known that this building has a government support staff, about which little is said in public.

Little is known about the interior of the building, as admission was restricted during and after the rebuilding process. However, the building is most impressive.

Membership Fee: Not openly discussed, and as far as anyone is concerned, there is no fee. Members are generally recruited off the street after long periods of study by high-ranking members.

Member Count: Guarded well, but between 700 and 750 members (not including unoficial members from the Beggars' Union) and at least 60 inactive members in or around the city.

Notable members:

Brenda hf

Telibard hm

Severdod hm

Ulimeth hm

Ocaer em

Mirilavudd ½m

Jereitha hf

Ethiramos ½m

Astendawia hm

Nylla hf

Kedoissi hm

Kabur em

Nydawyn hm

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Guild of Translators

The Guild of Translators is made up of men and women who have excellent skills in reading, writing, and speaking foreign tongues. At the present time, all the major languages and nearly all the minor ones are covered by this guild, which comprises only 18 people. As Common is so widespread, the need for translators in a city as cosmopolitan as Greyhawk might seem unnecessary, but many merchants and diplomats here wish exacting translations of written documents and agreements. The guild will not translate legal documents written in Ancient Suloise, as this is the purview of the Guild of Lawyers, Sribes, and Accountants. The use of Ancient Suloise gives the latter guild its monopoly over legal settlements.

Membership Fee: 12 gp per year.

Member Count: 18

Notable Members:

Bellsifar Bottomtop a halfling.

Farone Dionysus , a human female.

Ephetus Lysethia , a curious male elf with marble colored skin, blue eyes, and bluish-silvery hair who arrived in Greyhawk many years ago from lands far away. He rarely speaks of his homeland, and is well versed in unique forms of elven that have never been heard before.

Walter Caulfeld hm a reputed translator with strong understanding of Baklunish forms of language.

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The Guild of Wizardry

Founded in 393 CY by Zagig Yragerne, the so-called Mad Archmage, the Free City of Greyhawk's Guild of Wizardry is the principal seat of magical research and training in the Flanaess.

Membership in the Guild of Wizardry is open to all wizards of any race or alignment (although membership may be refused to those of an undisputably evil disposition and to those who would pervert the guild to their own ends). Membership fees are relatively high at 100 gp a year, but the benefits of membership outweigh the material cost. Guildmembers receive instruction at 10% less than normal cost and, depending on their tutor's assessment, can expect the very best choice of new spells. The guild also carries an extensive stock of spell components available at reduced prices for guildmembers and also a store of magical items for sale to guildmembers. Discounts and prices can vary considerably from guildmember to guildmember. The guild looks favorably on those who take an active interest in the organization. The guild is always on the lookout for rare spell components, and a guildmember who donates a share of the powerdered lich dust he acquired on his last adventure, or makes a gift of the odd quart of black dragon blood here and there, will find that the services and the facilities of the guild are more freely availiable to him, and cheaper too.

The guild also accepts commissions for the production of customized magical items. The production of these items provides a valuable source of extra income for the guild. The guild also casts spells for various organizations within the Free City, most especially for the Jewelers and Gemcutters Guild in return for specially cut or powerdered gemstones for spell components.

Kieren Jalucian (( NPC )), Master of Guild of Wizardry, Principal of Greyhawk University of Magic Arts stands 6'3" tall, weighs 200 lbs., and appears to be in his early 30's. His true age is unknown, although he is undoubtedly very old indeed. He is a large, heavy-set man who sports a mane of sandy blond hair and dresses in colorful, billowing robes of the finest Celenian silks. Kieren is fastidious about his appearance, always appearing clean-shaven and smelling of the finest scents and perfumes.

Kieren enjoys city life to the fullest, and is equally at home in the lowest dive of the River Quarter or at the most fashionable social gathering or cultural event in the High Quarter. Kieren cultivates an almost frivolous attitude to his work, which belies the seriousness and conviction with which he undertakes it. This attitude has made him much more approachable than the average studious and condescending mage, and he has become a great favortite of the people and has done a great deal to improve the public image of the magical arts, which most people still distrust. Kieren is also highly amused by the serious politicking of his fellow members of the Directing Oligarchy and refuses to get involved in what he sees as their petty rivalries. Kieren has satisfied what lust for power he ever possessed and intends to enjoy it, using it for the common good rather than abusing it.

Kieren is very much enamored of Jallarzi Sallavarian (( female NPC from the Circle of Eight )) and the two of them will often be spotted touring the town on Kieren's carpet of flying, or dining at the Golden Phoenix. From time to time the adventurous spirit overtakes them, and they will travel into the seedier areas of the Free City, where Kieren enjoys a good arm-wrestling contest or similar feats of physical prowess, sometimes (just for fun!) enhancing his own considerable muscle power with a surreptitious strength spell.

To keep up appearances, Kieren always atends major social and cultural events within the city and is a major protagonist at the Feast of Fools.

The Porters

The dwarven porters are responsible for the security of the Guildhall and the University and are charged with maintaining law and order within the walls. The Porters will be the first of the Guildhall's many denizens that visitors wil encounter. The porters are all uniformly strict in the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the Guildhall and stalwart in the performance of their duties. Under no circumstances will they admit anyone who is not a Guildmember or enrolled as a student at the University (and they keep list---long lists!).

Guests are allowed in at the express invitation of a Guildmember, but their names must be entered in the guest book before dusk the previous day. The only exception to this rule is visitors willing to buy, sell, or exchange magical items and spell components with the Mage of Exchange. These individuals will be escorted to Kondradis's study and back by two of the porters. All mind affecting spells are useless at the black adamantite gates because of wardings. Teleport or dimension door is useless to get in, but may be used to get out. One further, slightly disturbing, aspect of the gates is that the peephole for the porters to peer at visitors prior to admitting them, although at dwarven eye-level on the inside of the gate, can appear anywhere on the outer surface.

The porters are always gruff and give short shrift to strangers or those whom they perceive as inferior or undeserving of respect. It's an entirely different matter with those in positions of authority, who will always be greeted with the utmost respect: "A very good morning to you, Mr. Jalucian, sir; Miss Sallavarian awaits you in the refectory, sir," or "Good afternoon, Mr. Tenser, sir; important message from Mr. Bigby for you at the porters' lodge, sir."

Darnak Khorshkan ((NPC)) Head Porter, Guild of Wizardry. Members of Darnak's family have been porters at the guild since its founding and are extrememly proud of their tradition of service. While successive Principals, guild wizards, and students have entered and left these hallowed halls, the Khorshkan family has watched the gates and upheld the sanctity of the Guildhall and the University.

The Khorshkan family was first brought to Greyhawk by none other than the fabled Zagig himself, who was quick to realize that dwarves with their innate magic resistance were ideally suited to guard his place and treasures. When the Guild of Wizardry and the University were founded, the Khorshkan family even helped plan and construct the building, and members of the family have been installed in the Head Porter's apartment in the gatehouse ever since.

Darnak will almost always be encountered at his post at the gatehouse. He does on rare occasions visit the Barge Inn and other dwarven hangouts with a few of the apprentice porters.

The Guild Library

The library of the Free City's Guild of Wizardry is purported to be the finest collection of magical tomes in Oerik. Among the many and varied scholarly and studious volumes on the magical arts are rumored to be the spell books and notes of Zagig the Archmage. The library itself is a vast, windowless hall filled with rank upon rank of shelves that stretch from floor to ceiling and groan beneath the weight of many centuries of accumulated magical knowledge and theory.

While the library's collection of spell books contains every single spell yet known to mankind (and maybe even a few long forgotten among the thousands of books), wizards cannot simply wander in and start copying them down. Guildmembers will only be allowed access to a particular requested spell after the request has been approved by a senior guildmember--and in the case of spells of greater than 4th level power, with the additional consent of Guildmaster Kieren Jalucian himself.

In addition, a charge will be levied for each spell to be copied. The cost will vary from 100 gp to 1,000 gp per spell level, depending on the member's standing within the guild. Guildmembers who contribute actively to the guild by supplying components, additional magical items, and the like will pay less.

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