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Lands of the Flanaess 

To find the description of the lands in the Flanaess, click on either the title of the region, the picture, or the titles of the countries.  That will take you to a separate page of each region listed, where individual descriptions are posted.

North Western Flanaess: 

Zeif, Ekbir, Tusmit, Ket, Plains of the Paynims, Ull, Tiger Nomads, Wolf Nomads, Perrenland, Bissel, Valley of the Mage 

South Western Flanaess:

Geoff, Gran March, Duchy of Ulek, County of Ulek, Principality of Ulek, Sterich, Keoland, Yeomanry, Hold of the Sea Princess 
Central Flanaess: 

Free City of Dyvers, Greyhawk, Celene, The Empire of the Pomarj, Bright Lands, Duchy of Urnst, Free City of Greyhawk, Viscounty and Town of Verbobonc 
North Central Flanaess:

Blackmoor, Empire of Iuz, Furyondy, Shield Lands, Bandit Kingdoms, Veluna, Free Town of Highfolk, Rovers of the Barrens 
North Eastern Flanaess:

Theocracy of the Pale, Ratik, Tenh, Frost Barbarians or Kingdom of the Fruztii, Snow Barbarians or Kingdom of the Schnai, Ice Barbarians or Kingdom of the Cruski, Stonehold 
Central Eastern Flanaess:

Kingdom of Northern Aerdy, North Kingdom, Nyrond, Bone March, County of Urnst 
South Eastern Flanaess:

Lordship of the Isles, Lendore Isles, Spindrift Isles, Sunndi, Onnwal, Ahlissa, Free City of Rel Astra and the Cities of the Solnor Compact, Sea Barons, Free City of Irongate, Scarlet Brotherhood