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Rokugan CLans

Clans as Samurai 

(order is Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Phoenix, Scorpion, Unicorn from left to right)


Clans as Shugenja 

(order is Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Phoenix, Scorpion, Unicorn from left to right)


 Crab Clan: Members of the Crab clan tend to be crude and violent, though they are strongly dedicated to their clan's sworn duty: protecting the empire from the Shadowlands.  They believe in duty over honor and are always ready for a fight. Members of this clan are large and powerful, muscular and crude.  They tend to be heavily scarred and lightly bathed. They have black hair and eyes, and their features are square.  The clans colors are gray and burgundy.


Crane Clan: The Crane Clan is made up of diplomats and courtiers.  Graceful, elegant and noble, they are the masters of iaijutsu (the speed draw) and duels of honor. Cranes tend to be tall and slender, with soft features.  Many- particularly members of the Doji family0 have white hair, and their eyes are usually blue or light gray.  they exude an air of nobility and confidence.  Clan colors are sky blue and white (sliver)


Dragon Clan: Mysterious and reclusive, the scholars and warriors of the Dragon Clan are devoted to exploring the secrets of the universe.  All tend to speak in enigmatic riddles, though members of the mysterious order of tattooed monks are especially know for this.  The Dragons practice martial arts to keep their bodies as well as their spirits honed. Physically, they run the gamut from lean and wiry to large and muscular. Dragon Clan colors are Gold and Green


Lion Clan: Lions are the noble warriors of rokugan.  They are warlike and aggressive but devoted to the honor of the samurai. Lions are trained soldiers and look the part: well developed muscles and a warriors poise.  They have wide facial features with hair that ranges from black toward brown or reddish and brown to hazel eyes. Lion Clan colors are beige and dark brown.


Phoenix Clan: The greatest Shugenjas of Rokugan belong to the Phoenix Clan.  They have a deep love of magic and knowledge.  Members of the Phoenix clan are tall with fine features an a regal bearing.  They share a certain avian grace, with long necks, angular features and piercing stares. Phoenix Clans colors are Gold and Red.


Scorpion Clan: Members of the Scorpion Clan are the manipulators or Rokugan, masters of secrets and lies.  Never seen without their masks, they resemble their namesakes- unassuming but armed with a deadly sting.  Scorpions are tough and wiry, and they usually wear smug expressions behind their masks.  Their skin tones are more olive than those of other Rokugan natives.  Scorpions often wear their hair long and loose. Scorpion Clans colors are Red and Black.


Unicorn Clan: Unicorns are the outsiders of Rokugan.  Most of them are barbaric riders with aggressive dispositions.  Mounted combat is their specialty and their riding skills are second to none.  Unicorns are short and stocky, with harsh features.  Males often sport goatees. Only members of this clan routinely wear goods made of fur, bone, and leather. Unicorn Clan's colors are purple and silver.