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Thieves Quarter


Hanged Man Inn

This grand inn services as motley a collection of thieves, assassins, cutthroats, river scum, and the like as any honest citizen could hope to meet in a lifetime. The outside maintains its splended appearance, with gold paint splashed over trim, and the walls whitewashed regularly.

Inside, the rugs are threadbare, and it smells more like a river dive than a comfortable club. One can usually find many of the Free City's most important thieves and assassins here, though the inn is occasionally visited by respectable merchants, officers, and even a rare noble. Located in the deepest heart of the Theives' Quarter, the Hanged Man Inn is considered by the privileged to represent the purest sort of "that Old City atmosphere."

Theft is forbidden within the walls of the Hanged Man. Any thief apprehended here (including cheaters at the gambling games often played between customers) is killed on the spot. It goes without saying that these must be nonguild thieves, since teh prohibition against theft is universally observed by members.

The manager of the inn is Kymm Warde (NPC). He has no bouncers or other hired muscle because he can always count on up to 20 guild members in the crowd to come to his assistance.

In general, the inn is a safe place to visit (though the trip to and from the inn is another matter), but a customer who goes out of his way to be obnoxious or vain will quickly become the butt of practical jokes and ridicule. The abuse grows until the insulted oaf leaves or gets into a fight and gets kicked out.


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