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The party made their camp within the safe confines of the Fochlucan College. Gathered near the fire pit in the center of the banquet hall, they rested well last night amidst the soothing musical instruments played by the local college members. In the morning while sharing a breakfast supplied by the college, they had plenty of time to share their stories with fellow party members and caught them up on previous quests that led up to this one.


The Quests thus far (short form believe it or not)

  1. The party agreed to bodyguard a shipment of unknown treasures aboard a riverboat to Dyvers. The hiring agent was the most known merchant of Hardby named Roban Lannerel.

  2. They lost the shipment to pirates bearing the yellow sails known only as the Slave Lords of the Pomarj which were supposedly decimated by other adventurers a decade ago.

  3. The party fled to Five Oaks where they found help from the local high priest of Trithereon named Elijan. He set up a meeting with important local figures of the Free City of Greyhawk and the Gnarley Forest to hear their story

  4. They found out that the treasures taken from Roban's ship were given over to a band of humanoids near the eastern edges of the Gnarley Forest. They also found out there were large humanoid stirrings within the Gnarley Forest and needed to find out why and where exactly.

  5. Roban Lannerel wanted compensation for her loss and bullied the party into agreeing to retrieve the famed Soul Gem for her right after they finish their next quest.

  6. The party quickly discovered humanoids near the small woodland town of Five Oak and followed them into a tomb where a relic Hand of Gol might be found.

  7. They defeated many different enemies but a ogre mage named Ishbi and his barbarian ogre bodyguard named Dukas got away with the relic. Unknowingly they found a way to cut the link of power to this relic within the tomb and saved the day, also making mortal enemies at the same time.

  8. Arriving back in Five Oak, they find out that the stirrings within the forest continue in the form of a colossus sized four legged creature which carried a small village of gnolls upon it's back was crossing into the Plains of Greyhawk creating havoc with the local farmers and villagers.

  9. By boarding the walking beast and methodically taking out each section of the walking town, the beast eventually shook off the wood and weaved hoopahs upon it's back and disappeared forever soon afterwards.

  10. The party finds out that the ogre mage and his bodyguard decided to make their way towards Ogre Mound, so they follow in hopes of recovering the Hand of Gol. They meet up in a neutral site called The Quintain's Tower. A place where ogres, orcs, rangers, and adventurers can peacefully rub elbows.

  11. They met up with the two arch villains who have seemed to gain another partner which is a Hill Giant priestess of Grolantor named Eriu. They finally find out that the Hand of Gol has become useless and was a religious relic of Grolantor. They have once again made another enemy.

  12. Leaving Ogre Mound (all the while watching their backs for the two ogres and the hill giant), they take on their promise to Roban Lannerel to retrieve the Soul Gem in exchange for losing her treasure to the pirates.

  13. They make friends with the Moutaineer Militia (notably Carstane Geronten and Rhuandyr Fallonis, high ranking commanders of the Free City) who make arrangements with the Desert Centaurs of the Bright Lands to protect their horses while adventuring and get directions to the Ghost Tower of Inverness where this Soul Gem is supposed to be found.

  14. Many days later they meet the challenges of the Ghost Tower of Inverness with the loss of a few party members including Nailo's soul actually trapped within the gem itself. They are met soon afterwards just outside the Tower by clerics of Wee Jas wishing to speed up the process of taking the gem to Roban Lannerel. One party member travels with the priest to ensure they will return the gem as promised, and the rest decide to travel back to the Free City for help.

  15. The remaining members of the party speak with Kieren Jalucian (Master Guild of Wizardy whom they met before in Five Oak and Principal of Greyhawk University of Magic Arts)and his rumored lover Jallarzi Sallvarian (Circle of Eight member) about their recent discoveries. They wish to find out more about this Soul Gem so that Nailo can hopefully be extracted and are directed to Dyvers where the last party member known from the original Soul Gem quest survives named Hodar.

  16. Hodar who happens to be the Head of the Wizard Academy in Dyvers, allows them to enter his tower and does indeed retrieve Nailo's soul from the gem for a future unnamed task. The party was very thankful and departed whole again.

  17. While resting within one of the local inns, they were approached by members of the local druid and bard school named Fochlucan College. The party was recommended by a previous party member and priestess of Trithereon to help with humanoid stirrings yet again within the Gnarley Forest. They were given help by a local Headhunter of Narwell to help them scout.

The rest was given to you last week. I will include it below. I hope this helps you all remember the quests in this huge campaign called Scourge of the Slavelords. If I left something important out, let me know and I will add it.


The Fochlucan College governed by the Yew Circle, a small council composed of the five most senior Fochlucans currently enrolled in the order.  The Eldest of the Circle, a Fochlucan that has served the longest, deciding the issues. Currently, the Eldest of Fochlucan is Yew Master Hurlich Steennarden, a half-elf who has belonged to the College for better than fifty years. They are known to have affiliations with several other bardic colleges in neighboring lands. Located 30 miles south of Caltaran and 60 miles southwest of the free port city of Dyvers. It is situated between the branches of the Serault River which feeds from the Velverdyva River. It is also upon the northwestern reaches of the Gnarley Forest. The members allied with the Rovers ( Dyvers rangers), the Gnarley Forest Rangers, and the city of Dyvers itself. The College is a rambling old stone building that resembles something between a minor lord's manor house and a decrepit old monastery. Green ivy covers its walls, and old lanterns hanging from its eaves warm its chill, misty nights with golden light.

    The party has been welcome here before and know that their returns are highly anticipated with news of the whereabouts of the Yeneig's Tower and also what they have discovered in their quest to find the mysterious sorcerer named Odals Alzota. He was described as being a merchant who is slender and young at about 30 years of age. He has penetrating black eyes, long dark hair tied in braid, and expensive purple clothes. The party was hired by the city's treasurer Kalier Goloda for an amount of 300gps (directly taken from the pockets of tax payers). Kalier promises a much larger reward depending on the party's success, as well as the gratitude of the city council. The treasurer has shown them the medallion and Falerjan's parchment to the heroes. It was written in Celestial and deciphered by Tesodi previously. Kalier explained that he would safekeep the medallion while they found out why the sorcerer tried to buy then later take the medallion from him.

    At the beginning of this current quest, the party met Kalier after a long drawn out chase to capture the rogue Corlag. He was the first man hired by Kalier to find this elusive Odals Alzota. Corlag returned later and attacked Kalier, but didn't succeed because of the party's intervention. Corlag was captured and sent directly to the local jail holdings. Kalier explained why Corlag was sent out to find this Odals. Odals was supposedly an exotic goods collector and knew a lot about Yenejg's medallion and its current location in the treasure vaults of the town. Odals told Kalier he wanted to buy it for one of his own best customers (a wealthy collector living in a distant country). He offered an immediate sum of 500gps. Kalier was impressed with the offer, as he barely recalled the medallion himself. For this reason he asked Odals for some time to think about the offer and to see if it was even in the treasure vaults still. Odals agreed to come back three days later. Kalier found it along with an attached document written by Brolin Goloda, his ancestor, which said that the object had to be kept in the treasury until the return of Falerjan, high priest of St. Cuthbert, and that nobody else should be allowed to take it. Even though he figured Falerjan was certainly dead by now of old age, the treasurer was bound by his ancestor's orders. He decided not to sell the medallion to the merchant, at least until he better understood the object and its history.

    When Odals returned to the city hall, Kalier asked him how he knew about the medallion; the merchant calmly answered that he learned about it in a remote temple of St. Cuthbert, reading a biography of Falerjan (who had been dead for forty years). Kalier asked for three more days to "consult the city council" before selling the medallion. The merchant was visibly disappointed but agreed to this further delay, adding that the next visit would be his last and raising his bid to 600 gps. After Odals departed, Kalier called Corlag, a half-elven rogue occasionally employed as a spy by the town authorities, and ordered him to shadow the merchant and gather information about him.

    Corlag followed him from a local inn to the wilderness of Gnarley Forest. Worried by the recent rumors of bugbear and giant-kin attacks, the spy went no farther and returned to report his discovery to Kalier. After receiving this information, the city treasurer decided to keep the medallion from Odals, afraid that the merchant was somehow connected to the tyrant Yenejg Togan which was a maddened wizard from centuries ago.

    When Odals came again to buy the medallion, he faced a neat refusal. Without showing disappointment, he asked to at least see the object. At that point Kalier realized that Odals was trying some kind of magical trick. Offended by the attempt, the treasurer cried for the guards and turned to draw a sword hanging on the wall. As soon as Kalier grabbed the weapon, magical darkness filled the room The city hall soldiers were held at bay by a magically blocked door that defied their best efforts to break down. Panicked, Kalier slashed the air blindly as Odals uttered more arcane words only a few steps away. When the door finally gave way and the darkness dissipated, the sorcerous merchant was nowhere to be found.

    Alarmed, kalier ordered Corlag to enter Gnarley Forest at once, find out whatever was there, and report on any activity. To overcome the rogue's fear of the forest, the city treasurer gave him enough gold to hire a small group of mercenaries. The day after, Corlag went to Gnarley Forest with three companions. Only Corlag returned--with an odd and insane desire to destroy Kalier.