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Air Genasi

Air Genasi are fast and free-willed.  Because the traits that identify an air genasi are subtile, many go unrecognized for what they are for many years and are sometimes mistaken for sorcerers, although their inherent arrogance and disregard for their appearance fools people into believing they are charlatans at natural magic.  Those that are overtly different learn quickly to disguise their nature from common folk, at least until they are able to protect themselves and strike out on their own.

Air genasi look generally human except for one or two distinguishing features related to their elemental ancestor.  Some examples of these features are:

Air genasi revel in their unusual nature,although few ever try to locate the being that founded their bloodline (as most are long dead or banished back to the elemental plane of Air).  Because the calimshan djinn bloodlines are so old and have suffered many crossbreedings, it is almost impossible to tell by normal means if two air genasi are from the same bloodline.  As a result, all air genasi tend to treat each other as "cousins", although in an arrogant and competitive way.  Air Genasi have the same life expectancy and age catigories as humans.

Air Genasi Abilities

New abilties:

Racial Traits:

Starting Ability Scores: +4 Int, -4 Wis. Air Genasi are very intelligent, but not very wise.

Medium Size: Medium Sized characters gain no additional benefits or penalties due to size.

Speed: 30ft

Darkvision: 60 feet

Outsider: A slain outsider cannot be raised or resurrected, although a wish or miracle spell can restore it to life.

Automatic Languages: Auran, Common

Favored Class: Air Genasi. The best multiclassng choice for a Air Genasi is Fighter, but Air Genasis are competent in any class.

Class Skills

The Air Genasiís Class Skills (and the key ability for each) are: Hide (Dex), Move Silently (dex), Tumble (dex)


The Air Genasi


Hit Dice



Ref **

Will **

Skill Points*








(2+int) x 4

Air Resistance +1, Feat








Mingle With Wind 1/day, Dex +2, Cha -2

*These skill points are only until the character takes a level in a normal class, because it has 1 HD, it loses these skill points at that time, and takes the classes skill points instead EX: A 3rd level Air Genasi/Rogue, would lose itís (2+int) x 4 skill points, and gain (8+int) x 4 skill points for rogue.

** These base save and base attack bonuses bonuses for this creature last only till the character takes a level in a normal class, because it is has 1HD, it loses any base save/attack bonuses upon taking the new class, and takes the base save/attack bonuses from the class. Ex: A 3rd level Air Genasi/Fighter, would lose its +1 BAB, and +2 to saving throws, and gain a +1 attack bonus for fighter class, and +2 to fort from fighter class.


Class Features

All of the Following are class features of the Air Genasi monster class


Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Air Genasi are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, but with no armor or sheilds. 

Feats: An Air Genasi receives one feat at 1st level. After 2nd level it gains feats normally according to its character level as shown in the PHB.

Air Resistance: Air Genasi gain a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws against air spells and effects at 1st level.  This bonus increases by +1 for every 5 additional levels the genasi attains.  Air Genasi do not breath, so they are immune to most gas attacks, drowning, and suffocation.

Mingle with Wind: Once per day, an air genasi can cast Levitate as a 5th level sorcerer

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