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Proper name: March of Bissel

Ruler: His Lofty Grace, Larrangin, the Margrave of Bissel (LG male human)

Government: Feudal monarchy owing fealty to Gran March and Veluna; monarch currently chosen by leadership of the Knights of the Watch Under Gran March

Capital: Pellak

Population: Human 82%, Dwarf 10%, Elf 2%, Halfling 2%, Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Other 1%

Law: LN

Allies: Gran March, Keoland, Veluna, Knights of the Watch, Knights of Dispatch, dwarves of the eastern Barrier Peaks, many mercenaries and adventuring bands

Enemies: Ket, Empire of Iuz


Though known for its mercenaries, Bissel's four famed armies, the Border Companies, suffered defeat and subsequent disbanding during a recent occupation of the country by Ket forces. Efforts to reorganize and reform the Border Companies continue, but the bands are not yet at their former strength. Scouts, especially trained rangers, can find work in the north and west of Bissel.

In addition to the Border Companies, Bissel's massive Castle Oversight (at Pellak), remains the headquarters for the country's branch of the Knights of the Watch. While not overly concerned with local politics, the Knights are aware of disputes among Bissel's allies over Bissel's allegiances.