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Proper name: Archbarony of Blackmoor

Ruler: His Luminous Preponderancy, Archbaron Bestmo of Blackmoor (NE male human)

Government: Actual government structure unknown; numerous humanoid tribal leaders in area

Capital: Dantredun

Population: Human 37%, Orc 20%, Halfling 18%, Elf 10%, Gnome 7%, Half-orc 5%, Half-elf 2%, Other 1%

Law: LE

Allies: None

Enemies: Empire of Iuz, Wolf Nomads (sometimes)


Little is known of the government of the Archbaron--he maintains no diplomatic contact with sovereigns of other lands. His military is weak and the land poor and ruined. Few invaders bother to threaten the capital, Dantredun, though kobolds from the Burned Forest are a constant nuisance.

Unidentifiable magic permeates the land of Blackmoor. The mysterious Black Ice, north beyond the Archbarony may be the source of this energy. Legend says that the numerous mounds and standing stone throughout the archbarony were created by the Norhtern Adepts of Old Blackmoor to constrain the Ice. If this is so, perhaps they also hold power against Iuz, for he clearly avoids the land.