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The Borderlands

Party currently located in Storm Keep, Abbor Alz

Following a winding path through the dark forest that presses close on either side brings you at last through the thick belt of trees and to the entrance of what's either a large ravine or a small canyon, depending on your point of view. You'd estimate it's well over four hundred feet long and over a hundred feet wide. The narrow stream that paralleled the path trickles down the center of the ravine, forming great muddy puddles in several places, its source hidden in the trees that cluster at the far end of the ravine. Several other clumps of trees could hide almost anything up to and possibly including a giant. The walls of the ravine slope up steeply on either side--you have no doubt you can climb them, but you'd need both hands. Several cave mouths are visible on the slopes, crude paths leading up to them; more may be hidden by the trees. As a chill wind blows into your face, you feel sure that you have in fact found the famous Caves of Chaos, where many an adventurer has sought fame and left only his or her bones behind.


*No set day, will be played when there is a void in gaming time


Current Characters

Wandor Lyt, Human Wizard (DM)

Tyler Kilean, Kender Thief

Hadara Dunadan, Half-Elf Ranger/Wizard

Frost, Human Wizard


Active NPC's

Tella, Human stablegirl

Wilf, Human owner and bartender of The Green Man Inn and The One-Eyed Cat Tavern

Calista, Human cook for The Green Man Inn, runs The Green Man Inn, and wife to Wilf

Jess, Human serving girl of The One-Eyed Cat Tavern

Brother Martin, Human Cleric and baker

Opal, Human Cleric of Celestian


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