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Bright Lands

Proper name: Empire of the Bright Lands

Ruler: His Percipient Magnificence, the Archmage Rary, Monarch of the Bright Lands (NE male human)

Government: Dictatorship; realm functions as a minor citystate surrounded by barbaric nomad tribes

Capital: No captial (Rary's tower in the Brass Hills)

Population: Human 79%, Dwarf 20%, Other 1%

Law: NE

Allies: Nomads of the Bright Desert

Enemies: Greyhawk, Duchy of Urnst, Circle of Eight


From his tower, the archmage Rary claims the entire Bright Desert as his personal demesne. Armies of desert nomads and mercenaries enforce the will of their liege on the simple folk of the desert, proclaiming every oasis for their reclusive ruler.

As befits its name, the Bright Desert offers an opppressively unpleasant climate, with high summer days hot enough to cook food without fire.

The native desert centaurs bitterly oppose Rary, The young bucks among the centuars wage a guerilla war against the westerners--a plan that has met with some success.