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Straight from the brownie page in the monster manual. Brownies are small, benign humanoids who may be very distantly related to halflings. Peaceful and friendly, brownies frequent pastoral areas, where they live by foraging and gleaning.
They stand no more than 2' tall and are exceedingly nimble. They resemble small elves with brown hair and bright blue eyes. Brownies wear bright colored garments made from wool or linen with gold ornamentation. They normally carry leather pouches containing tools for the repair of leather, wood, and metal.
They dwell in rural areas, often living close to or on farms as they are fascinated by farm life. Brownies make their homes in small burrows or abandoned buildings. They are also basically vegetarians, who live very comfortably on the byproducts of agricultural life. They make efficient use of leftovers too small for humans to notice. When brownies glean from fields, they do so after harvest, gathering grains and fruits which might otherwise be wasted.

Brownie Abilities

New Abilities:

Racial Traits:

Starting Ability Scores: -2 Strength, +4 Dex, -2 Con. Brownies are physically weak, but incredibly agile..

Small Size: Small Sized characters gain a +1 bonus to AC and attack and a +4 hide bonus due to their size, it is harder to hit something small.

Speed: 20 ft

Lowlight Vision

+4 bonus to move silently and hide checks, this bonus increases to +8  in a forest setting

Automatic Languages: Sylvan, Common

Favored Class: Brownie. The best multiclasing choice for a Brownie is Sorcerer or Rogue, but Brownie are competent in any class.

Class Skills

The Brownie’s Class Skills (and the key ability for each) are: Craft (int), Escape Artist (dex), Listen (wis), Spot (wis),  Hide (dex), Search (int), Move Silently (dex), Profession (wis)


The Brownie


Hit Dice



Ref **

Will **

Skill Points*








(6+int) x 4

+2 Natural Armor, Protection From Evil 1/day, Ventriliquism 1/day, Bonus Feat: Dodge








+1 Natural Armor, -2 Str, +2 Dex, Dancing Lights 1/day, Light 1/day, Expedious Retreat 1/day








+1 Natural Armor, +2 Dex, Mirror Image (3 images) 1/day, Confusion 1/day, Feat

*These skill points are only until the character takes a level in a normal class, because it has 1 HD, it loses these skill points at that time, and takes the classes skill points instead EX: A 4th level Brownie/Rogue, would lose it’s (6+int) x 4 skill points, and gain (8+int) x 4 skill points for rogue.

** These base save and base attack bonuses bonuses for this creature last only till the character takes a level in a normal class, because it is has 1HD, it loses any base save/attack bonuses upon taking the new class, and takes the base save/attack bonuses from the class. Ex: A 4th level Brownie/Fighter, would lose its +0 BAB, and +2 to ref and will, and gain a +1 attack bonus for fighter class, and +2 to fort.


Class Features

All of the Following are class features of the Brownie monster class


Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Brownies are proficient with all simple weapons, and with the short sword,  but with no armor or sheilds. 

Feats: A Brownies receives Dodge as a bonus feat at 1st level, at 3rd level it gains an aditional feat. After 3rd level it gains feats normally according to its character level as shown in the PHB.

Spell Like Abilities (sp): Brownie can use these spell -like abilities the indicated number of times per day as a 8th level sorcerer: Protection from Evil, Ventriliquism, Dancing Lights, Light, Confusion, Expedious Retreat, and Mirror Image (3 images)

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