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Bullywugs are bipedal frog-like amphibians inhabiting swamps, marshes, and other dank locations. They are covered with smooth, mottled green hide, with huge frog-like faces and bulging eyes. Bullywugs are strong swimmers and comfortable in water or out of it, but they are vulnerable to dehydration once they leave their native swamps.

A player character bullywug is actually a member of an advanced variety of this species, since most bullywugs are savages and marauders of the worst sort. Common bullywugs are scarcely able to wield a stone spear or club, but advanced bullywugs are able to wear armor and use most human weapons with little trouble.

BullyWug Abilities 

New abilties:

Racial Traits:

Starting Ability Scores: +4 Con, -2 Intelligence, -2 wis, -2 cha. bullywugs are hardy, but ugly and alittle dimwitted.

Medium Size: Medium Sized characters gain no additional benefits or penalties due to size.

Speed: 20 ft, Swim 20 ft

+6 racial bonus to hide checks while in a marsh or swamp

Aquatic Subtype: Bullywugs can breath water or air equally well

Automatic Languages: Aquan, Common

Favored Class: Bullywug. The best multiclasing choice for a Bullywug is Barbarian, but Bullywugs are competent in any class.

Class Skills

The Bullywug’s Class Skills (and the key ability for each) are: Hide (dex), Listen (wis), Spot (wis)


The Bullywug


Hit Dice



Ref **

Will **

Skill Points*









Marsh Move, +2 Natural Armor, Feat








-2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha, Summoning, 30 feet swim, +1 Natural Armor

*These skill points are only until the character takes a level in a normal class, because it has 1 HD, it loses these skill points at that time, and takes the classes skill points instead EX: A 3rd level Bullywug/Rogue, would lose it’s (2+int) x 4 skill points, and gain (8+int) x 4 skill points for rogue.

** These base save and base attack bonuses bonuses for this creature last only till the character takes a level in a normal class, because it is has 1HD, it loses any base save/attack bonuses upon taking the new class, and takes the base save/attack bonuses from the class. Ex: A 3rd level Bullywug/Fighter, would lose its +1 BAB, and +2 to Fort, and gain a +1 attack bonus for fighter class, and +2 to fort from fighter class.


Class Features

All of the Following are class features of the Bullywug monster class


Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Bullywug are proficient with all simple weapons, but with no armor or sheilds. Bullywug count as nonhumanoid creatures for the purposes of determining the cost of armor

Feats: A Bullywug receives one feat at 1st level. After 2nd level it gains feats normally according to its character level as shown in the PHB.

Marsh Move (ex): A Bullywug suffers no movement penalties for moving through marshes or mud at 1st level

Summoning (sp): Bullywug Clerics are notorious for their powerful but unpredictable summoning abilities. When a bullywug cleric uses a Summon Monster spell, there is a 50% chance that one or more monster than the spell would ordinarly summon will appear. In such cases there is then a 25% chance that the summoned monsters will not be in the bullywugs control, rampaging and attacking at random.


Can be bought as a feat:
Leaping Charge: the PC can 1/day do a leaping charge, grants +2 to attack and can leap up to 30 feet forward or 10 feet up.


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