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Proper name: Faerie Kingdom of Celene

Ruler: Her Fey Majesty, Queen Yolande, Perfect Flower of Celene, Lady Rhalta of All Elvenkind (CG female elf)

Government: Hereditary feudal monarchy in which royal house and all noble houses are elven; currently has no official political relations with any ouside nation

Capital: Enstad

Population: Elf 79%, Human 9%, Half-elf 5%, Gnome 3%, Halfling 2%, Other 2%

Law: CG

Allies: Dutchy of Ulek (minor), Knights of Luna

Enemies: The Pomarj, Empire of Iuz; however, Celene has isolated itself from all surrounding states


Often thought of as insular or even xenophobic, the Kingdome of Celene is a--some would say the --nation of elves in the Flanaess.

Queen Yolande has unapologetically withdrawn from all concerns beyond her borders. In human lands, Yolande is reputed to be oblivous to events outside Celene. Actually, the Queen displays a clear understanding of events in the larger Flanaess. She has just as clearly stated however, that she wishes no elves to die in wars fought in human lands.

The Knights of Luna are displeased with this decision, since they feel some concerns are important enough to risk their lives.