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Chat Room Etiquette


Your Realms of Adventure is a gaming environment for all players to enjoy. If you keep in mind always it is just a game and only a game. Remember your interactions with other players online should be 90% in character ( IC ). The other 10% out of character ( OOC ) chat is fine within the rooms as long as it is tasteful and kept to a minimum. I define tasteful OOC chat as small talk between players and jokes to lighten mood. There will be times when players and DM's ( Dungeon Masters ) do not agree on an issue. First ask for an IM ( instant message ) to the person in question inside the room for politeness. Keep in mind that the DM has a lot of priorities going on all at once, so be patient. On a more strict note, continuous game disruptions and egos will not be tolerated for the benefit of all Realms of Adventure players. Basically, keep a smile on your face and do not take this game too serious. Good gaming all.

Realm Creation Staff