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Cities and Regions of Greyhawk

The area beyond the city walls has certainly developed because of the city, though these locations cannot truly be called part of that same city. Nonetheless, a description of its immediate surroundings is essential to a full understanding of Greyhawk City.

These surroundings range from the dilapidated shacks of Shack Town and the muddy backwaters of Barge End on the city's northwest side of the mysterious ring of stones outside the city wall to the southeast. This description begins with the hilly area north of the city and proceeds clockwise around the areas outside the city wall.

(To find the discription of the places listed, click on either the name of the place, or the picture beside the name)



The Cairn Hills


The Mining Towns


Midbay and Nyr Dyv




City of Hardby


City of Safeton


Five Oaks