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Free City of Greyhawk

Government and Guilds

From the darkest alleys and most fetid cellars of the Old City, along the alabaster spires of temple and university lining the great length of the Processional, and on to the regal grandeur of the High Quarter and the looming towers of the Grand Citadel beyond...

The city beckons.  Greyhawk, grandest jewel of the Flanaess, awaits you, offering adventures to stagger your imagination, treasure beyond your wildest dreams-and of course, dangers aplenty.

The city and its lands lie in the heart of civilized Oerth.  The barren slopes of the mysterious Cairn Hills loom to the north of the city, within sight of the high walls.  The placid expanse of the great river Selintan meanders past Greyhawk's bustling wharf region, giving the city its primary claim to strategic significance, for it lies along that waterway between the great lake of Nyr Dyv to the north and the broad surface of Woolly Bay and the Azure Sea to the south.

In light of the recent revival of arts and education occurring in this grand city, and particularly in view of its new-found prosperity and increasingly important political role in the area, it seems only appropriate that this guide to the city be enscripted.