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Proper Name: Grand Duchy of Geoff

Ruler: His High Radiance, Owen I, Grand Duke of Geoff (in exile) (LG male human); now many rival giant and evil humanoid tribal leaders and shamans, divided by race and religion

Capital: no capital -- formerly Gorna (ruined)

Population: Human 60%, Elf 8%, Gnome 5%, Dwarf 3%, Halfling 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%, Other 20%

Law: LN (currently CE)

Allies: Sterich, Keoland, Gran March, Bissel

Enemies: Valley of the Mage (distrusted), evil humanoids and giants in Crystalmists


Armies of giants (of all varieties) have devastated Geoff. Its villages are ghost towns, or the pens of frightened slaves--humans who the giants haven't eaten yet. The giants and their minions even plunder the forests for their nefarious purposes. Wolves and other predators roam the spotted plains and hunt for food among the remaining humans.

But this ruined nation does have a lord. Duke Owen I fled to Gran March when his army was destroyed. A few brave soldiers remained behind, pledging their swords to desperate commanders in Hochoch. Many Geoffites now live in Sterich, awaiting Duke Owen's call--they have not given up hope of reclaiming the Duchy, and await their revenge.