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NPCs of the Flanaess

Listed below the NPCs is some of the famous orders and groups that are known around the flanaess

Anfaren Sliverbow
The High Priest of the Spindrift (lendore) Isles represents the elven gods of the flanaess and has nearly unimaginable spell casting powers.  By his orders, the resident elves expelled nearly all non-elves a few years ago, and covered their islands with illusions and magical fog

Basmajian Arras
The Commander of the Sea Barons is a middle aged copper-haired man, survivor of decades of piracy, ship-to-ship battles and assassination attempts. Arras kept the Sea Barons out of the Greyhawk Wars and favors neutrality, though there are concerns about the Sea Baron's ability to stay neutral in the face of recent shipbuilding efforts by the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy, which may allow Aerdy to attack.  He lives richly and well.

Belvor IV
The paladin King of Furyondy saw his nation lose land but survive against the armies of Iuz during the Greyhawk Wars.  In 586 CY, he disregarded the Pact of Greyhawk to drive back Iuz's forces and reclaim the lost territory. He used much of his family's wealth to finance this war, an even now struggles to recover financially.

Cobb Darg
The Lord High Mayor of Irongate is a wily old man named Cobb Darg.  A political genius with an unmatched grasp of intrigue, Cobb Darg was not fooled by the agents sent into his realm by the Scarlet Brotherhood, and he had them all slain or expelled.  He is a familiar figure to his loyal human and dwarf subjects, but almost nothing is known of him personally. He has rejected the United Kingdom of Ahlissa's proposal that Irongate become a part of its empire.

Drax the Invulnerable
The Lord Protector of Rel Astra was once a noble wizard who opposed Ivid V.  Though evil, Drax was a popular and successful mayor, financially conservative and egger to enhance the city's position as a major seaport and trading center.  During the Greyhawk Wars, Rel Astra was attacked by Ivid's troops, and Drax was slain and turned into an undead being by Ivid V.  He has made no official response to the call that his city join the United Kingdom of Ahilissa, though he is unlikely to do so.

Eclavdra's name is whispered wherever the deeds of the drow are discussed. An evil priestess of the spider goddess Lolth, Eclavdra is nonetheless one of the most diplomatic of the dark elves.  She is involved in dozens of plots being hatched by Lolth, all aimed at the eventual conquest of the Flanaess and the enslavement of it's people.  Her home is a great drow city in a cavern beneath the Hellfurnaces.  She currently keeps an eye on Iuz, but her plans are mysterious.

When the North Province declared it's self to be the new Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy, it's former Herzog became the new Overking.  An evil high priest of Hextor with little value for human life, Grenell is nonetheless a master politician and survived the Greyhawk Wars and the Great Kingdom's collapse without being captured, slain, or turned into an undead monster.

The Canon of Veluna is a priest of Rao, god of reason, with exceptional spellcasting abilities.  Hazen leads one of ht strongest realms remaining in the flanaess.  In 586 CY, he worked with lesser priests and the archmage Bigby to drive out most of the fiends from the flanaess using the Crook of Rao.  He also supported Furyondy's attack on Iuz's Lands.  He seeks to return balance to the Flanaess

The King of Sunndi is a multiclassed grey elf.  At once wizard, priest, and warrior, Hazendel is politically wise, listening to the counsel from the elves, gnomes, humans, and dwarves who harmoniously populate his isolated realm.  Hazendel's worst enemies are the Scarlet Brotherhood (which has tried without success to subvert the realm from within), and the attentions of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa (which seeks to incorporate Sunndi into it's new empire).

Iuz the Old
The child of the human female necromancer Iggwilv, and the powerful demon Grazz't, Iuz gained control of a small realm in the howling hills a little over a century ago, expanding it's borders in a campaign notable for it's horrific massacres.  For sixty-five years, Iuz was imprisoned beneath castle Greyhawk by an alliance of adventurers (including the mad arch mage Zagig), possibly with the assistance of an avatar of St. Cuthbert.  In 570CY, Lord Robilar, his orc henchman Quij, and Riggby, Patriarch of Boccob, freed Iuz.  The arch mages Bigby and Tenser arrived, intending to kill him, but during Iuz's incarceration the half-demon had transformed, and he emerged a demigod and escaped.  He dreams of destroying the Free City of Greyhawk and those who nearly killed him when he was released.

Ivid V the Undying
Once capital of the Great Kingdom, Rauxes was a city held captive by the crazed paranoid desires of the undead Overking Ivid V.  Rumored to traffic with fiends and monsters to maintain and expand his decaying kingdom, Ivid V was slain by his nobles- but was "revived" by evil priests to become a thousand times more powerful.  It is currently unclear whether Ivid V still exists, as no one can safely approach Rauxes and it's bizarre fields of Magic.

Jaran Krimeeah
Krimeeah was raised in a life of privilege among the Naelax family of the Great Kingdom, where he was tutored in the magical arts by the finest teachers.  His Magical talent became a source of arrogance, and after asking himself why his cousin, a lesser wielder of magic, should rule the Great Kingdom, Krimeeah attempted a Coup. When this failed, the wizard was exiled under orders never to reveal his family roots, though some have guessed his secret.  Paranoia led Krimeeah to settle in the valley now known to all as the Vale of the Mage.  He will go to any length to acquire or practice magic, and he intends to cheat death, though not as a lich.  The wizard has not been seen or heard from in some time, and most speculate that he is searching out new sources of magic (some say on a distant plane), but his valley remains as dangerous as ever.

Kimbertos Skotti
The King of Keoland is a woodsman ranger who led many expeditions against giants and humanoids in and around his kingdom.  Skotti's kingdom is old and rich, though it suffered during the Greyhawk Wars, and has further depleted it's resources in supporting attempts to reclaim Sterich.  This grizzled old veteran is angry with himself for failing to act more quickly in the wars; now the king is forced to listen to regents as he regards as inferiors, but he grits his teeth and heeds their words.  His greatest concern at the moment is the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Korenth Zan, Father of Obedience
Little is known of the leader of the Scarlet Brotherhood, though he is probably of Suloise Ancestry.  He is evil natured, which is clearly demonstrated by the means used by his organization to gain control of pivotal nations in the Flanaess.  This brilliant mystic master, perhaps a high priest, may reside on the huge plateau at the Tilvanot Peninula's heart.  His plans for the Brotherhood remain a mystery.

Larissa Hunter
The Magister of Dyvers is the former captain of that city's Free Army.  She has ably guided her trade-driven city through the turmoil that followed the Greyhawk Wars, including defusing a proposal by the Knights of the Heart that the city become part of Furyondy. Hunter is aggressive in dealing with Greyhawk.

The blunt but popular Lord Baron of Ratik is a ranger; a woodsman, tracker, warrior, and scout who has fought for years against the Bone March humanoids raiding his lands.  Lexnol's cool, hilly realm is rich with natural resources.  He is on good terms with local gnomes and dwarves, and he has made a treaty for mutual defense and trade with the Frost Barbarians to the north.

After his father Archbold III's abdication, Lynwerd assumed the throne of Nyrond in 586CY.  He strengthened his country by restructuring the military, by encouraging births among his people and by resisting a demand by representatives of the Theocracy of the Pale to give up the North Lands of Nyrond.  Despite financial reverses and personal tragedy, he has been able to expand and stabilize Nyrond's eastern borders, and to repair and strengthen his kingdom's roads, armies, cities, and trade links.

Well over a thousand years old, the legends of the evil lich Lyzandred make him the equivalent of a bogeyman in many parts of the Flanaess.  He is even more frightening to those who know the truth-- that Lyzandred was once a living, breathing creature and that he lies in a self-made prison somewhere in the abbor-alz mountains.  Lyzandred's tomb holds a reputation as one of the most dangerous dungeons on the continent.  Nor matter how experienced, some adventurers shun the thought of exploring the lost tomb.

A socipathic assassin and expert warrior, obmi is a black bearded dwarf with a magical throwing hammer.  he kills prisoners at the first sign of disobedience, laughs at massacres, and has unbearably foul personal habits.  it is said that his injuries heal in minutes, and he can come back to life even if slain.  Obmi was last known to be working for Iuz the old.

Olinstaad Corond
The Prince of Ulek is a fearless hill dwarf with a reputation as an orc-fighter and wilderness scout. An old but hale white-bearded fellow, Corond wears armor even at court.  Prince Corond is involved in an ongoing war with the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj as he attempts to retake the eastern lands of Ulek lost in the Greyhawk wars.

Ogon Tillit
The Supreme Prelate of the Pale is a grim, humorless high priest of the god Pholtus.  His Worshipful Mercy Tillit actually has little mercy, regarding everyone outside of his theocracy as degenerate heretics or worthless heathens.  Tillit's army is very strong; in recent years he has invaded portions to Tehn an continues to war there.

Philidor, The Blue Wizard
Philidor is an enigma, a wizard of tremendous power who first appeared toward the end of the Greyhawk Wars.  Regardless of how he otherwise changes his appearance, his skin, hair, eyes, and clothing always remained shades of blue.  he has been seen in many places in the Flanaess, particularly in the Vesve Forest and the City of Greyhawk, though not in recent years.

Prince Brightflame
Melf, Prince Brightflame, is a cousin of Celene's queen, Yolande.  Melf is a brilliant and knowledgeable elf, a fighter/wizard like his cousin, but his better grasp of the dangers the Flanaess faces has led him to found and declare himself the leader of the Knights of Luna, who seek to involve Celene in the larger world.  He knows many powerful rulers, and wizards and he works to oppose evil everywhere.  Currently he lives in exile, sometimes in the City of Greyhawk.

Sevvord Redbeard
The grim, bloodthirsty Master of Stonehold is a warlord with almost unparalleled experience.  Ruthless and savage, he led troops to conquer, loot and occupy tenh, though now he fights Iuz's forces and the Theocracy of the Pale to retain his claimed territory.  Stonehold currently suffers from attacks by the Snow, Ice, and Frost barbarians.

Lord Robilar
A powerful but unstable warrior, Lord Robilar is treacherous, untrustworthy, and a liar. He is responsible for freeing the archfiend Zuggtmoy from imprisonment and on a separate occasion, he was a member of the entourage that set out to free and destroy Iuz from his prison beneath Castle Greyhawk.  Iuz escaped, and it is quite possible that Robilar's goal was not to kill Iuz, but to somehow enslave, or ally with him.  As a result of the battle that almost killed him, Iuz has vowed revenge on Robilar.  Robilar was Rary's accomplice in the deaths of Tenser and Otiluke in 584CY.  He still serves Rary, using a wide variety of magical weapons and devices such as an artificial silver horse.

Turrosh Mak
The Half-orc Despot of the Pomarj is a superb warrior who fought his way up the ranks to become the warlord of many humanoid tribes.  he united his armies and conquered part of the wild coast and the Principality of Ulek, but he cannot afford to go farther without risk of seeing his command collapse from intertribal conflicts.

Xaene the Accursed
Before the Greyhawk Wars, Xaene was the court wizard of Ivid V but was replaced at the mad Overking's whim.  Xaene went into hiding and studied necromancy, but his misuse of an evil artifact caused him to be cursed to become a two-headed lich of horrifying power.  Xaene is rumored to have aided the Overking's descent into madness.  He is believed to be destroyed.

Xavener I
The first Overking of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa is the head of the house of Darmen, which has near total control of Mercantile activity in the realm.  The Royal guild of Merchants of Aerdy was formed by this house to manage it's trade interests, and the guild today pours out fast funds into Xavener's treasury. Little is known about Xavener except what his court tells others.  He is a superb leader and very charismatic, but his enemies do not seem to survive long in Ahlissa, and it is apparent that some of his aides fear him very much.

The Queen of Celene is not currently very popular with many of her elven subjects.  She has taken to heart her advisor's plans to keep celene free of the power struggles across the Flanaess, which as caused some of her subjects to secretly turn against her.  Yolande is a grey elf, both a skilled warrior and wizard of extraordinary age and power- but sadly, limited wisdom.

Archdruid Hildefer Paravis
The arch druid of the eastern Gnarley, has a home some 15 miles east of beltander, where her tree-house home is guarded by brownies, hawks, and bears.  Rarely, a ranger knight, or more often a swanmay, will come to the Archdruid with information or for help.  the druids are often referred to as the "bards of the gnarley" for they treasure oral folklore and tales and many have talents in singing or playing instruments.

Lord Lockswell of Gnarlwood
Lord Lockswell is a man of wisdom and vision, well aware of the responsibility he has inherited.  He is a man of great patience and fine sense of humor.  He enjoys a feast and party, and at least four times a year throws open his manor for a grand celebration.  Residents of all parts of the wood and beyond attend these functions, which generally last 4 or 5 days. Lord Lockswell has also inherited the mantle of military command over the woodsmen who assemble into militia when the need arises.  True to his forefathers, he is a cautious and successful commander.  he keeps the casualties among his own men to an absolute minimum while exploiting their skill with the long bow to inflict harassment and demoralization upon any foe.

Lady Lockswell of Gnarlwood
Lady Lockswell is the daughter of a minor Greyhawk City noble.  she met Lord Lockswell as he accompanied her father on a hunting trip.  The lord pursued her to the city, wooed her, an they were wed just prior to their return to the forest.  She has come to love these verdant surroundings as much as her husband, and could no longer bear the thought of a return to the city.  Any traveler who appeals to her mercy for food, shelter, or healing is tended to the best of her ability.  Even those suspected or proven of thievery, vandalism of the forest, or worse crimes are first cared for by the lady.  She then turns such perpetrators over to the fair, but stern justice of her husband.

The Circle of Eight

Mordenkainen is an extremely powerful archmage who appears middle-aged but is much older.  He has cropped black hair, brown eyes, and a black beard streaked with silver.  A brilliant thinker, Mordenkainen feels responsible for the Flanaess and Manipulates political and military events to suit his vision of what the flanaess should be.  Mordenkainen serves as a director for the Circle of Eight.
Mordenkainen lives in his obsidian citadel in the Yatils, but he also travels disguised as a merchant to learn facts on his own.  The Citadel houses Mordenkainen's unequaled library which is said to contain spell books of every known spell (except those designed by individual wizards), intelligent reports from across the continent, and a detailed and continually updated history of the Flanaess.  Only Bigby and Tenser know of his homes precise location.

Alhamazad the Wise
Alhamazad became a member of the Circle in 585CY and thus is one of the newest members in the Circle.  A thin, elderly Baklunish man in plain robes and a simple turban, he looks like a poor wanderer during his frequent travels.  He is in fact highly powerful as a mage, and has forged alliances with noble elementals and genies.  his primary goals are the maintenance of modern Baklunish culture, society, and power.  A detailed character description is included in "Return of the Eight" adventure.

Bigby is a lean, severe-looking man with brown hair and eyes, who prefers dark grey hooded robes.  At 57 years of age, he is known for being cautious, quiet, nervous and puritanical. Though a fault finder and a nitpicker, he is steadfast and has a fine sense of humor.  Bigby lived in Onnwal, but fled after the Scarlet Brotherhood conquered it.  he now lives in the city of Mitrik in Veluna.
He adventures only infrequently, preferring to remain at home in one of his libraries or tinkering in his laboratory.  Only when he gets wind of rare spell components of unusual magic items will he go adventuring, but he visits his wizard friends frequently.  He nearly killed Iuz once and is greatly hated by the demigod; in 590 CY, he survived an assassination attempt by Iuz's agents.

Despite his age of 63 years, Drawmij is tall, slim and young-looking, with dark blond hair and deep blue eyes, which contribute to make him arguably the best looking male of the eight.  He is secretive and says little even to fellow members of the Circle.  he is a dedicated foe of the Mage of the Valley.  The mage makes his home in an underwater lair located at least a hundred miles offshore in the Azure sea.  As might be expected, Drawmij is an expert with magical devices involving water (he has a number of magical boats) and in adapting spells to underwater use.  He visits the city of Greyhawk only when he must.

Jallarzi Sallavarian
The only woman in the Eight and one of the few leaning more toward good than neutrality, Jallarzi offers a much-needed fresh perspective on matters put before this curmudgeonly men's club.  Even at the age of 42 she remains beautiful, with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  Jallarzi has been a member of the Circle of Eight for just over 9 years; she truly enjoys her membership and uses her other affiliations to benefit the Circle whenever possible.  The wizard makes her home in the City of Greyhawk, and will entertain visitors there, but she prefers to hold meetings at the Guild of Wizardry.  She is also known to disguise herself and creep through the seedier areas of town in order to spy on the shady side of society.  Her familiar is a pseudodragon named Edwina.

This wizard's appearance is that of stereotypical absent-minded mage.  Tall, gangly, and plain, Nystul has brown hair that looks as if it has never met a comb in all his 52 years.  He has become a master of Disguise to conceal his ridiculous appearance, and frequently travels under the guise of a half elven maiden to gain assistance from paladins and knights.  Nystul has a special interest in spells involving light and darkness.  he is also an expert in the use of concealing and defensive spells, claiming that a wizard who finds himself in hand-to-hand combat has not used his arsenal of spells properly.  Nystul visits Greyhawk on occasion, but is occupied with the war in his homeland of Tehn.  He is always on the lookout for discovered spell books and magical items.

Otto was once a priest of Boccob, the god of magic, but is now a major wizard and member of the Circle of Eight.  One of the younger members at age 53, Otto is also one of the most colorful.  Otto often poses as a rich, cheerful merchant, but he is easily picked out of a crowd because of his huge girth and his ruffled and beribboned clothing.  He is a gourmet constantly in search of new, exotic dishes to sample, and is a patron of the arts.  He has natural talent for music and adds musical elements to his spells, which include singing fireballs, and yodeling ice storms.
Once a native of Almor far to the east, Otto has moved to the City of Greyhawk following the complete destruction of his country.  He can be found visiting the opera house, the Wizards Guildhall, or his fellow Circle members.

Theodain Eriason
The first demi-human to join the Circle in 585CY, Theodain is a tall, slim high elf with long black and silver hair, high cheekbones, and a pale complexion.  His manner is cold, and he often seems disdainful or even evil, but he is in fact a passionate defender of regional stability, since such order protects his homeland, the Yeomanry.  Theodain is unusual in that he is able to use a short sword despite being a wizard.  he shows no compunction in attacking foes directly.  

Warnes Starcoat
Warnes Starcoat joined in 585CY to become one of the newest members of the circle, a middle-aged man with a bad spot in his long blond hair and piercing pale eyes.  he has a long-standing interest in the politics of the central flanaess, particularly the county and Duchy of Urnst.  he was involved in the recovery of the Crook of Rao.

Rary the Traitor
Rary is about 80 years old, but last sighting, rary was healthy in both mind and body.  Age has diminished one of the mage's faculties.
Rary of Ket was originally a trusted member of the Circle of Eight, known as a gentle, quiet man and skilled mediator and peacemaker.  His sage abilities earned him a reputation far and wide.  He was even known to avoid offensive spells, preferring charms and other noncombatant spells to assist him in difficult situations.
At some point he decided that turning to evil was the way to accomplish his goals.  In 584CY, he organized what seems to have been a plot against the Circle of Eight.  Mere moments before the Pact of Greyhawk was to be signed, which would end what has become to be known as the Greyhawk Wars, Rary attempted to destroy the signing site.  Two members of the Eight, Tenser the Archmage, and Otiluke, were killed in the Subsequent magical battle, leaving nothing that could be resurrected.   Simultaneous tot eh battle, fellow conspirators, including Lord Robilar fled the scene and eventually found their way to the bright desert.

Formerly a member of the Circle of Eight, Tenser the archmage is still associated with this group in the public mind, though he does little work with the circle now.  Before his death in 584cy, this wizard was the strongest advocate for law and good in the Eight, and often found himself at loggerheads with those members who prized balance above all.  Following a near tragedy at the hands of Vecna's followers, all members of the Eight kept a number of active Clones.  However, after the battle that killed Tenser and Otiluke, all discoverable clones of the two mages were destroyed by co-conspirators of the assassin, Rary of Ket.  One clone of Tenser was finally recovered from a secret location.  When the cloned Tenser return to his castle on the shore of the Nyr Dyv in 585CY, he retired from the Circle of Eight and begin a campaign to promote the forces of law and good in the flanaess

Famous Orders of Knighthood and Other Well-Known Organizations

Knights of Luna
This secret order was founded in Celene by elven warriors and spell casters who opposed Queen Yolande's neutrality in the Greyhawk Wars.  Members work to involve Celene in supporting the elves of Veluna and the Duchy of Ulek in their struggles against evil.  The order includes in it's ranks, Melf, Prince Brightflame, a powerful elven warrior-wizard, cousin to Yolande.

Knights of Holy Shielding
Before they were conquered by the armies of Iuz, the core of the Shield Lands armies was a religious order of knights call the Knights of the Shield, or more formally Knights of Holy Shielding.  With the conquest of the Shield Lands and the capture of the head of the order, Lord Holmer, the surviving knights have been led in exile by Lady Katarina, Holmer's cousin and a paladin of the god Heironeous.  The proud knights managed to regain Critwall and Scragholme Island during the Great Northern Crusade after the Greyhawk Wars.

Knights of the Watch
Before the Greyhawk Wars, great soldiers from Keoland, Gran March, Bissel, and Geoff united and pledged to defend their nations from Baklunish invasion.  Castles and keeps were maintained along the Ket border, but many of these were circumvented or overrun when Ket invaded Bissel.  When Geoff  fell to an invasion of giants, Keoland and Gran March became sole centers of Watch activity.  The Knights have since returned to Bissel, and some are in Sterich.

Order of the Hart
Before the Greyhawk Wars there were three branches of this order: the Knights of Furyondy, the Knights of Veluna, and the Knights of the High Forest, which was made up exclusively of Highfolk elves.  These warriors have been much reduced by the wars, especially the Knights of Furyondy.  The High Forest knights are fighting Iuz's forces in the Vesve Forest. All the knights hate Iuz with a passion and dislike Perrenland.

Rangers of the Gnarley Forest
This group holds three goals above all others: to protect the integrity of the forest, to help good folk in need, and to worship a power of good (especially Ehlonna).  The organization is not concerned about politics or squabbles over land.  They render aid to the lost, injured, and persecuted with in their woods, but their first concern is always the forest's welfare.

The Fellowship of the Torch
This small but famous group has dedicated itself in eliminating Iuz, his agents and his threats.  The Greyhawk Wars claimed several of the Torch's members; now the grim survivors follow any lead, no mater how dangerous, an engage in any battle against Iuz, no matter how deadly.  They eagerly join expeditions to retrieve evil magical items and slay Iuz's followers, and will do anything in their power to see the demigod destroyed.  The members of the fellowship have many friends, and it is possible to gain news of their whereabouts through the Gnarley Forest Rangers, the Temple of Rao, or the Knights of Luna.