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1. Character ability rolls must be witnessed by a DM before they are approved.

2. Character sheets must be approved  bye a DM to play in a game.

3. All characters start at a level according to what the DM needs in his campaign with the standard gps found in the DMG.

4. All 3.5 races found in WotC official sources are allowed.  Any Core class or Prestige class found in an offical WotC sourcebook (encluding dragon/dungeon mag) are allowed.

5. Firearms (except in Ravenloft campaigns) and science fiction related storylines and items are not allowed.

6. If you wish to buy or make a masterwork item, you must do so in the presence of  the DM's.

7. Prestige classes, feats, and skills are accepted for all 3.5 WotC official sources.

8. XP's are only earned when a DM is present for the session.

9. Treasures earned in a game are to be divided by the DM or handled by the players IC in the DM's presence.

10. A player may trade items between his/her characters if a proper RPing storyline (preapproved and in the presence of a DM) is in place.

11. Any player that leaves RoA no matter the circumstances, forfeits their characters to NPC status immediately. If the NPC's are free of a current adventure, then they have one week to email Halbarad Dunadan
with their departure story line. If the ex RoA player doesn't send this email in exactly one week, then the NPC's will be handled by the DM staff. If the NPC is still part of an adventure, then the character is at the mercy of the DM running the game.

So that all players can enjoy the game to it's fullest, keep OOC out of the chat room. Remember this is only a game and isn't part of real life, so keep your feelings off your shoulders and good gaming!