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Proper name: The Yeomanry League
His Steadfastness, Marius Lindon the Freeholder, Spokesman for the Yeomanry League (NG male human)
Independent democratic republic governed by an elected Freeholder (who conducts diplomacy, negotiates treaties, and commands the military) and Council of Common Grosspokesmen (a parliament handling legislative affairs); suffrage exists for all adult citizens who are in military service or are gainfully employed in the realm
Human 79%, Halfling 9%, Elf 5%, Dwarf 3%, Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%
Keoland (weak), Sterich (weak), Knights of the Watch (weak)
Scarlet Brotherhood; many giants and evil humanoids in Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, Jotens, Tors, and Hool Marshes; Empire of Iuz

One of the few representative democracies in the Flanaess, the Yeomanry is an unusual land. Populated largely by freeman farmers, it also maintains a militaristic tradtion. In order to gain a vote in the Yeomanry League, a citizen of majority age must have "carried a spear" (served in the militia or the army). Representatives are chosen from each community and this Council of Common Grosspokesmen meets four times a year to decide national matters.
One matter of natioinal importance is the Freeholder's motion to bring home a large mercenary army from Keoland. Meanwhile, an the influx of refugees from the Hold of the Sea Princes swells the population in the south Local landowners are displeased with the situation.