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Classes Allowed

All WotC official 3.5 classes from any source book are acceptable.

Index of Classes- These are some core classes (some are not listed here) and variant classes, please click the link to go to that class's page. Please note, variant classes are treated like core classes.  However a variant class cannot multiclass with another variant class of the same kind or the original core class.  EX: an Avenger cannot be an Avenger/Paladin, or a Wind Walker cannot be a Wind Walker/Druid or an Avenger cannot be an Avenger/Anarch. However, a variant class can multiclass with other core classes, or other types of variant classes.  EX: an Avenger can be a Avenger/Cleric, or a Wind Walker can be a Wind Walker/Fighter or a Wind walker can be a Wind Walker/Incarnate.